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About Traction Installation Department:

Traction Installation Directorate is engaged in design, development and introduction of appropriate technology for equipment related to Traction Distribution System. The Directorate is involved in evolving designs & standards to improve the reliability & availability of Traction Power Supply to Traction Distribution Network of Indian Railways. The main activities of the directorate are as under:

  • Design & development of equipment used for Electrified Railway’s Traction System in India i.e. Traction Sub-Stations Equipment and Over Head Line Equipment.
  • Standardization of equipment used for 25 kV Traction System & 2x25 kV AT System.
  • Providing technical consultancy in the field of Traction Power Distribution and Railway Electrification to Indian Railways and other agencies like - Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd.– REMCL - MRVC - RITES - IRCON - Various State owned Metro Rail System.


Organization Chart:


Brief Achievements in last one year (2021-22):

  1. Development of OHE guidelines for Test Track for 200 kmph.
  2. Development of additional sources for SCADA, 66 kv CB, and Developmental vendor with limited qty in CB ,interrupter, Cap bank ,Transformer and  1600 mm insulator .
  3. PSI Guideline for Increasing Speed Potential to 160kmph on NDLS-HWH & NDLS-BST Routes issued to Zonal Railways on 24.11.2020 vide letter no. TI/PSI/TSS/POLIC Y/19 dated 24.11.2020.
  4. Traction Substation and switching stations drawing with reduced area for 2X25kV system.
  5. Guideline for use of 25 kV composite Insulator with 1600 mm.
  6. Standard plan height gauge for level crossing (for clear span upto 7.3m & above 7.3m upto 12.2m) details of structures & foundation.
  7. Normal OHE employment schedule mast (9.5m) basic wind speed 55 m/s , wind pressure 216 kgf/sq.m (without RC & without earth wire) 1000 tension in cat.65 sq. Mm & 1000 in cont. Wire 107
  8. Technical specification for corrosion resistant paint system for outdoor structures of traction distribution and traction rolling stock.
  9. Technical specification of spraying zinc coating on the OHE mast for railway electrification.
  10. CRS inspection of of M/s SAN make  8WDETC .
  11. 37 Man-days training completed.
  12. Specification  for NETRA tower car on LHB design has been designed.
  13. 37% (13/35) reduction of vendor items.

Current assignments in hand:

  1. Introduction of M/s SAN make 8WDETC.
  2. Routine inspection of M/s SAN make 8WDETC (03 nos.)
  3. Specifications and drawings related with 2 x 25 kV up-gradation work (160 kmph).
  4. Development of CCR Rod by Continuous Cast & Roll Process.
  5. Development of current carrying flexible dropper (‘A’ Dropper) and its fittings.
  6. Development of 107 Silver Bearing Grooved Copper Contact wire.
  7. Development of Generic Specification of Power Quality Compensating Equipment.
  8. Development of specification of Maintenance free earthing.
  9. Field trial test of side bearing type & side gravity type cylindrical foundation for Conventional and High Rise OHE for different FBM code for different soil bearing capacity.
  10. Development of measurement techniques for return current through rail and investigations on computation of rail potential rise.
  11. Feasibility of assessment in finding out/anticipating the degraded or faulty composite outdoor insulators used in electric traction.
  12. On line monitoring system for OHE traction.
  13. Traction maintenance manual for high speed.
  14. Report on 200 kmph Traction infrastructure.
  15. Failure Analysis and one Maintenance Study Group meeting.
  16. POH committee report and Increase in POH periodicity of Tower Wagon.
  17. MRI committee report and specification of elementary MRI system for retro fitment in 8 wheeler tower wagons.
  18. Development of vendors for 2 x 25 kV traction system (160 kmph).



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