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About Power Supply & EMU Department:

Power Supply & EMU Directorate is a unit of Research Designs Standards Organization at Lucknow engaged in developing designs and standards of electrical equipment and systems for Train Set, Electric Multiple Units, Metro Rolling Stock, Train Lighting, Air Conditioning and Power Supply related items of coaches and development of vendors for critical/safety items, with a view to achieve the Quality Objectives of improved suburban and main line services to Railway Passengers in terms of better comfort, safety, reliability, efficiency and maintainability of equipments.


Organization Chart:


Brief Achievements (Apr’2021-Aug’22):

  1. Introduction of Electric Train set is a priority project of Indian Railway. Technical specification of Propulsion Equipment and Control System for Electric Train Sets had been prepared by RDSO. The contract for procurement of 44 sets of Train Set has been finalized by Railway Board. The design for the Train Set has been approved by RDSO and First Rake of Train-Set is under Trial.
  2. Updated specification for EMUs/MEMUs (RDSO Specification No. RDSO/PE/Spec/EMU/0163(Rev 2) -2021) with additional performance and safety features has been finalized and advised to PUs on 06.08.21. As advised by Railway Board, for the first time, the special design features for manufacturing of MEMU for Jammu and Kashmir region have been incorporated in this specification.
  3. The prototype of 12 car MEMU of ICF with M/s Medha electrics has been cleared for commercial service.
  4. The prototype of 12 car MEMU of M/s BEML with BT Electrics and ICF with M/s BT electrics has been cleared for commercial service.
  5. Oscillation trial of prototype rake of Kolkata Metro supplied by M/s CRRC Dallian is under progress and will be cleared for commercial service after successful trial.
  6. Draft specification for Hydrogen Fuel Cell based MEMU has been made and sent to Railway Board.
  7. LHB Garib Rath type AC coaches having 83 berths are introduced on Indian Railways. For these coaches, specification for Set of Electrical Panels with under slung design of Switch Board Cabinets for the first time in AC coaches, have been developed to facilitate provision of extra berths.
  8. The specification for energy efficient RMPU with special features of reverse cycle for heating, VVVF control for higher energy efficiency, light weight using Aluminum (Al) structure and activated carbon filter for improved air quality inside the coach has been finalized and sent to Railway Board.
  9. UV-C disinfection system for AC coaches has been developed in collaboration with CSIR-CSIO Chandigarh. Railway Board has given sanction for its fitment in 20 LHB coaches at Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala.  
  10. The prototype of 12 Car MEMU of M/s BHEL electrics has been cleared for service trial.



Current Assignments in hand:

  1. Design, development, manufacture, supply, testing and commissioning of Train set, microprocessor control IGBT based 25 kV AC, 3-phase propulsion system and equipments for EMU/MEMUs.
  2. Design and prototype clearance of 3 Phase propulsion electrics of M/s Medha, BHEL, Titagarh, CGPISL, BT for Underslung MEMU and Underslung EMU.
  3. Development of fully furnished rolling stock with DC propulsion system for Kolkata Metro.
  4. Development of reverse cycle-based AC Package Unit for air-conditioning coaches.
  5. Development of Lithium Iron phosphate batteries for rolling stock application
  6. Development of 450 KW underslung DA set for Power cars
  7. Development of integrated 60 KVA Transformer for LHB AC coaches.
  8. Design improvements in Set of Electrical Panels for 3 Tier Economy and General Type LHB AC coaches.



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