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About Security Department:

  • To give opinion/advice for security related matter & items for the various Directorates in their study/development work and to associate in important tests/trials.
  • Standardization,  Updating  and  Revision  of  Modern  Security  Equipment  and  other Security  related  items.
  • Customization of Security Related Technology available in Open Market as per needs of Railways through interaction with Private Sector Companies.
  • Liaison and  Coordination with  Research Wing  of Army,  Central  Armed  Forces, Police, DRDO foreign-institutions etc. for bringing about an overall improvement in the Quality of Performance of the Force.
  • Rendering consultancy services on security related equipment to Zonal Railways and development, adaption & absorption of new technology for security related items & equipment’s on Indian Railways.
  • Field trial of new security equipment under process of installation and inspection of performance of security related items being used on Zonal Railways.
  • National and International collaboration in Research, Training & Development.
  • Standardization, updating and revision of Uniform and other uniform items for RPF/RPSF.
  • Standardization, updating and revision of Morchas, RPF Post buildings, barrack etc.
  • Organizing seminars on security related subjects for officers & supervisors of Zonal Railways including non-security departments.
  • Technical assistance to Railway Board and Zonal Railways/Production/Units on security matters.
  • Any other item advised by DG. RDSO, DG/RPF and Railway Board.


Organization  Chart :

Brief achievements of the Directorates during last one Year :

Security Directorate RDSO has customized Finalize the Specifications of   Following   Security equipment’s which are available on security Directorate website (,1,304,366,533,2174) .

  1. BDDS equipment,
  2. Unmanned aerial Vehicle (UAV),
  3. X-Ray Baggage Scanning Machine (Small and Large),
  4. DFMD
  5. HHMD
  6. Bullet Proof  Morcha
  7. Body Worn Camera
  8. Passive Night Vision Binocular
  9. Digital Night Vision Goggles
  10. Body Worn Camera for QRT & Commando Unit.
  11.  Anti  Drone System


Current Assignment in hand and achievement during current financial year :

  1. 02 Day All India Vision 2030 Meet was organized by RDSO RPF Unit which was chaired by DG RPF & Representatives of all Zonal Railways - RDSO Unit was assigned a task to Design & Develop a Social Media Analytics Lab which would cater to all the Zonal Railways on Real Time Basis.
  2. Standardization of Mess Items for all RPF Units.
  3. Customization of Quality Regulation and Trial Directive of the following Items:
  1. Smart Armory
  2. Bullet Proof Jacket
  3. Bullet Proof Jacket
  4. Clothing Items
  5. Under Vehicle Scanning System
    1. Development of the Website for Railway Protection Force


Achievement during current financial Year :

  1. Security Directorate   has customized the Quality Regulations and Trial Directives of Following Security Items:


Name of Security Item

Date on which the Specifications were sent to the Security Directorate, Railway Board


Body Worn Camera for QRT & Commando Unit.



Anti  Drone System



  1. A Detailed DM Action Plan consisting of SOPs related to Fire Hazard, Earthquake, Bomb Blast etc was designed for the RDSO Unit & has been sent to the Civil Administration for Approval.
  1. Disaster Management Training was organized for the 85 DM Team Members belonging to various Directorates of the RDSO Unit by roping in UP Fire Service Personnel.
  2. New Skill sets in Cyber Crime/Surveillance were acquired by attending the following Webinars:

          1.   National Level Conclave on “Cyber Policing Best Practice Meet-2020” organised by Centre for Research on Cyber                                  Intelligence and Digital Forensics (CRCIDF) (15th to 17th October 2020)

  1. Cybercrime Investigation and Intelligence Summit (CIIS-2020) organised by Madhya Pradesh Police  (08th to 18th December 2020)
  2. Cybercrime Investigation and Intelligence Summit (CIIS-2021) organised by Madhya Pradesh Police  (21th Sep  to 01st   Oct 2021)
       III. Participation  in UIC (International Union of Railways) Forum on behalf of RPF India in the Idea Sharing Platform on “Inclusive                Station Network” in June 2021 and Sep 2021.


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