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सिग्नल और दूरसंचार

सिग्नल और दूरसंचार विभाग के बारे में:

• To ensure adherence to Quality Policy in the field of signalling & Telecom by ensuring excellence in designs, standards and evaluations of signalling & Telecommunication technology through continuous research, development and human resource capability up gradation so as to provide safe, reliable and cost effective train operations.

• Overall, in charge for all activity of S&T Directorate including QA/S&T Wings in field units.

• To ensure adherence to Quality Policy in reference to Vendor   development, Inspection, Type approval etc. Granting approvals/closures in the cases of Fresh Registration, Quality audit, Upgradation, down gradation, deletion, retention of firms etc., as per Apex documents.

• Liquidation of routine complaints from Railways.  To monitor the performance of field Directors for Vendor development, timely inspection and issue of ICs. Monitoring and redressal of all complaints received from railways /vendors/others etc. Co-ordination with Railway Board, Zonal Railway, PSUs,IRISET & Vendors on matter related to Design, Specification & other relevant items.

• Approval of conducting RDSO inspection of items not inspected normally by RDSO on special request. Issue related to Vendor directory, PCDO, DRM, MRM, SSC, PCSTE conference etc.,

संगठन चार्ट:

PED/S&T :         Shri Rajendra Dhambal, (Over all incharge of S&T Directorate)

ED/SIG-I  :        Shri Amit Misra, ( EI, MADAC,empanelment of ISA etc)

ED/SIG-II :        Shri Ajay Verma ( LEDs, Point Machine, Datalogger, Electro Mech Sig , SSC,MSG etc)

ED/Tele-I :         Shri Sunil Kumar Verma, ( All telecom matters, CCTV, Networking, VOIP, IPMPLS etc.)

ED/Tele-II:         Shri G. Pavan Kumar (TCAS, Dedicated Test Track, CBTC,ETCS etc.)

Dir/ Sig-IV:         Shri Madhup Srivastava (TCAS, Power Supply, IPS , Speed Certificates etc.)

Dir/Sig-III:          Shri Avadesh Kr Yadav (AFDS, AFSS,CBTC, FNMUX etc.)

Dir/Sig-I:           Shri Upendra Kr Verma (Dir/QA/LKO, Lab, All matters to EMI/EMC etc.)

Dir/Tele-I:           Shri Vijay Garg (TMS, LTE,GSMR, IPIS, OFC, Coppe cable, IP Exch etc.)

Dir/Tele-II:          Smt. Sangeeta Pandey (Tele Lab, Voice logger, control Telephone, FDES, EMI/EMC etc.)

पिछले एक वर्ष में संक्षिप्त उपलब्धियां:
Rail Fracture and Intrusion Detection Systems
Telecom wing is providing technical support for Optical Fiber based distributed Acoustics system project being executed on North Central Railway.  Validation tests were done in GAE-BEO section of DDU-PRYJ section of N.C. Railway in presence of RDSO and NCR Engg. & S&T officials. Currently, capturing of acoustic signatures and creation of library is under progress. 
The main screen available in S&T control of this systems shows the up and down trains in the section under test. The screen is shown below. Success of this project will help in improving the safety of trains on Indian Railways
वर्तमान असाइनमेंट हाथ में:


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