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Library Resources Available In Physical Form: Central library collections in print form are arranged into following sections:-

·           Book Section – Approx.29800 books on Engineering and allied subjects. They are kept arranged in classified order/subject-wise on Shelves.

·           Report Section - RDSO Reports, Codes/Manuals, Railway Board’s Publications, UIC Codes & ERRI/ORE Reports.

·           Periodical Section –  Magazines and Journals.

·           Specification Section - Indian Standards (IS), British Standards (BS), American Standards (ASTM), German Standards (DIN), International Electro-technical Commission (IEC), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Institute of Electrical  and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) etc.

List of Books and Reports  may  be accessed on RDSO Intranet through Intranet -> Central Library -> Library catalogue or on status of issue of books is also available at the above link.

Current Acquisition of Books, Periodicals and Standards received   by Central Library is displayed on the Library Notice board as well as on RDSO intranet.

Library Reading Room: Central library has well illuminated, air-conditioned reading room with ergonomically designed furniture for readers.  Two PC systems with Net connectivity are provided there for accessing online resources. Reference books, Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals are available in reading room for users.

Membership: Library services are available to employees of RDSO and all are eligible for membership. For Issue and return of Print version of Books/Reports/periodicals and standards, Reader’s Tickets are required, for which, properly filled form available at Central Library as well as on RDSO Intranet, duly forwarded by controlling officer should be submitted to Library in-charge. 

Retired RDSO personnel may also avail Library Membership for reading facility for one year on deposit of Rs. 100/- as registration fee.  For borrowing facilities of two documents along with the reading facility for one year, deposit of Rs. 1000/- (as security money) and Rs. 100/- (as registration fee) is required.

Currently there are approximately 800 Library members including retired members.

Issue and Return: Officers of group ‘A’ & ‘B’ are given five Reader’s Tickets  and employees of group  ‘C’ three Reader’s Tickets. The issue and return are managed through Library Management Software. Issued books are required to be returned/re-issued  within 21days and journals/magazines are to be returned within 7 days.

Procurement of Books / Reports / StandardsRequisition should be sent by the Directorate/user to the Library in hard copy or at e-mail ( for procurement of Books / Reports / Standards in print / e-format.


Subscription of Periodicals/Magazines: Annual recommendations are invited from the Directorates for the subscription of Periodicals / Magazines to compile a consolidated final list.   For the year 2019, 45 Journals/Magazines have been subscribed. The list may be accessed through RDSO Intranet   –>   Intranet –> Central Library –> Journals.



E-Resources -

Following e-resources are being subscribed in RDSO :- 




Indian Standards – all segments


ASTM Standards & Engineering Digital Library-(complete)


IEC Standards  – Online (complete set)


British Standards Online  


EBSCO  - Business Source Corporate                


 Jane’s  - World Railways                                    












Access   of e-resources:  Access   of e-resources is available through RDSO intranet on  - Central Library - e-Resources. Number of simultaneous users is limited in some cases as mentioned in the above table. The subscription list of e-resources is renewed every year. Resources to be subscribed are based on recommendations from Directorates (obtained once every year) and approval of DG after screening by a nominated SAG level committee.





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