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Achievements of 2020
Development of WAG-12B 1200 HP locomotive for Dedicated Freight Corridor
Guidelines for upgradation of infrastructure for OHE and PSI installation for running of 160 kmph passenger trains
Development of 9000HP, WAG9HH Electric Locomotives 
Development of on-line certification portal for metro coaches
Introduction of Advance Technology High Horse Power Diesel Locomotive (WDG6G) 
Development of new wagon to transport special defence consignment of DRDO
Solar power generated near Bina Traction Sub Station is being fed to 25 kv led and the electric locomotive running in the section are utilising the solar power
Design & development of high capacity LHB parcel van 
Maintenance Manual for Vande Bharat Express (Train – 18) 
Virtual Private Network (VPN) facility in RDSO Network 
Review of Periodicity of Maintenance Schedules of Railway assets  
Issue of IRCA conference Rules part -III
Maintenance practices for continuation of long welded rails of length of 78m-250m
Report on Reduction in Examination Time for Coaching Rakes
Development of Vista-dome Tourist car on NG platform
Oscillation and EBD trials of Dalian Rake of Kolkata Metro and Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation, Ahmedabad
On line issue of Despatch Memos and Inspection Certificates
Grouping of vendor directory items to promote the ease of doing business
Layout of Vista dome coaches on NG platform for Kalka Shimla section
Deregulation of items from RDSO Vendor Directory & Expansion of Vendor base 
Development of high capacity Rail Milk Tank Van by RDSO 
Revision of  ‘STOP’ software for simulation of Emergency Braking Distance of Trains’ policy of Government of India
Revised AMOC Guideline for Maintenance of Bio-Toilets
Review of RDSO specifications / STR for  incorporation of Make-in-India policy of Govt. of India
Adoption of Zero Toe Load Fastening system for H-beam sleeper to be fixed on Steel Girder Bridges along with development of adequate vendor base
Development of design & drawings for Thick Web Switch Expansion Joint (TWSEJ)
Modification of Liner & Rail pad for use on sharp curves
Handbook on Predictive maintenance practices of Signalling assets
Handbook on Automatic Fire Suppression System for Signalling Installations
Pamphlet on safety Precautions for Stabling and Security of Trains
RDSO-Academia Interaction
Development of Online Portal for Safety Certification and Technical Clearance of Metro System
Revision of periodicity of maintenance schedule of electric locomotive
Revision of codal life of Diesel and Electric Locomotives
Revision of AC Traction Manual (ACTM)
Review of periodicity of maintenance schedule of various railway assets (loco, wagon, coaching etc.)
Revision of Schedules of Standard Examination for 1400 HP and 1600 HP Diesel Electric Multiple Unit DEMUs
Guidelines for providing composite insulators in snow bound, stone pelting and high attitude area of Jammu & Kashmir region



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