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Program for the Withdrawal of an Existing RDSO Standard

Program for the Withdrawal of an Existing RDSO Standard
SN Specification no. Items Date of Posting Proposed date for deletion Reasons for withdrawal
1. Cable Termination boxes (Indoor) for Railway Electrified Area 01.05.2024 24.10.2024 Railway Board approval on 41st TCSC recommendation
2. IRS:TC:32-2007 Amdt.1 Light weight unbreakable plastic insulator for overhead telegraph and telephone lines 01.05.2024 24.10.2024
3. IRS:TC: 50-90 Repeater Station Equipment 01.05.2024 24.10.2024
4. IRS:TC:59- 93 Automatic Radio Patching System for Control Circuit using DTMF Signalling in Optic Fiber Communication  01.05.2024 24.10.2024
5. IRS:TC: 80-2000 Amdt. 3 Desk Type 2wire 12 way DTMF Telephone 01.05.2024 24.10.2024
6. RDSO/SPN/TC/48/2003, Rev.0 Quality manual for telecom transmission equipment 01.05.2024 24.10.2024
7. RDSO/SPN/TC/57/2015 Amdt.1 Specification for thermo shrink jointing kit for jointing underground PIJF cable 01.05.2024 24.10.2024
8. RDSO/SPN/TC/63/2006 Ver.1
RDSO specification of Public Announcement System (Analog)
01.05.2024 24.10.2024
9. STT/TAN/3001 TAN on Use of IDC connector and precautions in making Thermo shrink jointing of underground quad cable 01.05.2024 24.10.2024
10. STT/TAN/GSM-R/2014 To provide Short message service (SMS) services in existing GSM-R Network of lndian Railway 01.05.2024 24.10.2024
11. STT/TAN/XRAY Baggage Scanner/2015 Safety survey requirement of X-Ray Baggage Scanning System 01.05.2024 24.10.2024


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