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Investigation/Other reports

Report No. Description
RDSO/2022/EL/RM/0198(Rev`1’) Nov.'2022 Report of committee on uniformity in POH activities, Costing and Review of Must Change Item
RDSO/2021/EL/RM/0197(Rev`0’) Dec.'2021 Report of Committee on Finalization of Location/ Fitment of KAVACH DMI in various types of Locomotives
RDSO/2021/EL/IR/0196(Rev`0’) Nov.'2021

Investigation report on axle lock of Loco no.33282/WAG-9/BSL/CR

RDSO/2021/EL/RM/0195(Rev`0’) Oct.'2021
Conversion Scheme of Conventional Electric Locomotives to Battery Cum Electric locomotives
RDSO/2021/EL/IR/0194(Rev`0’) Oct.'2021

Report on investigation of axle seizure cases due to traction motors (TM) bearings of 6FRA6068

RDSO/2020/EL/RM/0191(Rev`0’) Nov.'2020 Report on Conversion of WAP1/WAP4 Electric Locomotives for Mixed Traffic
MP.Misc-347, September 2019

Finite element analysis of fabricated bogie frame of WAP7 Locomotive

RDSO/2019/EL/RM/0188 Rev’0’, Sept’2019

Compendium on Push Pull Operation of WAP5/WAP7 Locomotives over Indian Railways

Report No. 49/19.

Metallurgical Investigation of broken traction motor support lug of loco no.30382/WAP7/GZB.

RDSO/2019/EL/RM/0187 Rev’0’, July’2019

Technical Report on Important Fasteners for Electric Locomotives.

RDSO/2019/EL/IR/0186 Rev’0’, dated 10.06.2019

Technical Investigation Report of Axle seizure due to Bearing failure of Traction Motor type 6FRA6068 fitted in Locomotive No. 30549/WAP-7/SRC on 24.04.2019 between Bhusawal –Badnera section on Bhusawal division.

MC-171 OCTOBER- 2018 (First Issue)

Code of Procedure of Ultrasonic Testing of Rotor Shaft of Traction Motor type 6FXA-7059.

MC-172 SEPTEMBER- 2018 (First Issue)

Covering Letter of MC-172 dated 19.09.2018

Code of Procedure of Ultrasonic Testing for WAP5 Loco Axle with direct drive to Drawing no. G34-300.00-81 in Service.
RDSO/2018/EL/IR/0184 Rev’0’, dated 16.07.2018

Technical Investigation Report on unisual sound in Traction Motor (TM) type 6FRA6068 assembled with Non Drive End (NDE) bearings of M/s Schaeffler (’FAG’) make reported by M/s BHEL.

RDSO/2018/EL/RM/0183 Rev’0’, May’18

Technical Report for Up-gradation of Speed of WAP7 locos from 140kmph to 160kmph.

RDSO/2017/EL/RM/0180 March’17

Maintenance of Electric locomotive in Diesel sheds and vice versa

RDSO/2017/EL/RM/0179 Jan’17

Technical Report on Software Modifications in Three Phase Electric Locomotives

RDSO/2016/EL/IR/0176(Rev’0’), Oct’2016

Technical report on failure of valve sets of GTO based traction converters

RDSO/2016/EL/IR/0175(Rev’0’) dated 12-09-2016

Technical Report on Maintenance & Reliability issues of Micro-Processor based Control & fault Diagnostic System (MPCS) for 25 kV AC Tap-Changer Electric Locomotives.

RDSO/2016/EL/IR/0174(Rev’0’) dated 08-09-2016

Technical Report on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Tractive Effort Transmission System for Three Phase Locomotive WAG9H.

RDSO/2016/EL/IR/0173(Rev’0’) dated 29-09-2016

Report on Reliability of Transformer of Three Phase Electric Locomotive

RDSO/2016/EL/IR/0172(Rev’0’), Aug.'2016


RDSO/2016/QAE/RM/0001 (Rev’0’) dated 02.09.2016

Report of committee for review of maintenance practices for N-32 tap changer and transformer for conventional electric locomotives.

RDSO/2016/EL/IR/0171(Rev’0’) dated 25-07-2016

Technical Report of DPWCS fitted in Freight Electric Locomotives on Indian Railways.

RDSO/2016/EL/IR/0170 August 2016

Report of committee for improvement of reliability of 3-phase locomotives over Indian Railways

RDSO/2016/EL/IR/0168(Rev’0’) July 2016

Technical Report on Reliability issues of Brake System of Three Phase Electric Locomotives


Investigation Report of Feasibility of High Reach Pantograph in WAP-4 Locomotive with Roof Mounted DBR.



RDSO/2013/EL/IR/0159 (Rev’0’) Jan’ 2013

Pneumatic test instructions of Electric Locomotives.

RDSO/2012/EL/RM/0157 (Rev’0’) dated 25.10.2012)

Report of the committee on identification of maintenance activities to be undertaken through OEM/Trade and fixing manpower norms in Electric Loco Sheds

RDSO/2011/EL/IR/0149(Rev’0’) Aug.'2011)

Investigation Report on Breakage of Supprt Lugs of Aluminium Gearcases used in WAP5 Locomotives

RDSO/2011/EL/IR/0147(Rev`0’) July.'2011 Investigation report of Pantograph for Electric Locomotives

Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 01-11-2023  

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