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Electrical/EMS (Works)Tenders

Electrical Works (EMS) Tenders
S.N. Tender Notice No. Description Date of Uploading Date of Submission/ Opening of Tender



Provision of electrification work including covering cable, painting of panels & Misc. Work in Service Buildings at RDSO Lucknow


14.10.2021 at 15:00 hrs

2 05-2021-22 Provision of Electrification work for installation of PSA Oxygen generator Plant at Extra Divisional Hospital, RDSO Lucknow 13.09.2021 14.10.2021 at 15:00 hrs
3 06-2021-22 Hiring of Diesel Generator Set for round the clock back-up electrical lab at RDSO, Lucknow 27.09.2021

21.10.2021 at 15:00 hrs

4 07-2021-22

1. Provision of Energy Efficient LED lights & BLDC Fan in Service Buildings at RDSO, Lucknow.

2. Provision of Split Air Conditioning System in Field unit of GE Directorate at RDSO Lucknow

22.10.2021 22.11.2021 at 15:00 Hrs
5 08-2021-22 Provision of Electrical Safety, Power Back-up & other Misc. work for sub-ordinate rest house and 1&L office, Shivaji Bridge at New Delhi. 22.10.2021 22.11.2021 at 15:00 Hrs
6 09-2021-22 Provision of Electrical work for improvement of type-II quarters, type-III quarters & type-IV quarters at RDSO, Lucknow. 05.02.2022 07.03.2022 at 15:00 Hrs
1 (a) Replacement of existing lift by new at rear side of annexe-II building at RDSO, Manak Nagar, Lucknow.
(b) Annual Maintenance Contract of proposed lift at rear side of Annexe0II building at RDSO, Manak Nagar, Lucknow for five years.
2. Provision of electrification work for additional toilet in type-III quaters in RDSO, Colony (Phase-III).
3. Comprehensive maintenance of 2x60KVA UPS system of computer center on AMC basis for two years.
4 (a) Replacement of LT Panel (for AC plant), insulation of chilled water pipe line & other misc. work at new auditorium, RDSO.
(b) Provision of various type LED fitting & miscellaneous work at New Auditorium, RDSO, Lucknow
06.05.2022 at 15:00 Hrs
1. Renovation & Face Lifting og Admin. Building.
2. (i)Provision of Electic work in kendriya vidyalaya, RDSO, Lucknow.
(ii) Modification of power supply system of admin bulding, RDSO Lucknow.
(iii) Provision of Electrification work for renovation of electrical infrastructure at engine Development & UTHS Directorate at RDSO, Lucknow.
(iv) Improvement of power supply system by provision of Underground cabling by replacing LT Overhead Conductor in campus at RDSO Lucknow.
(v) Provision of Electrical Work for additional toilet in left over type-III quaters of RDSO Colony.
3.Provisional of Electrical Work for Improvement of type II quaters, type III quaters & type IV quaters at RDSO, Lucknow.
4. Provision of wired addressable fire alarm system for Admin, Annexe-I & Annexe-II building as RDSO.
28.06.2022 at 15:00 Hrs
Provision of VRV/VRF AC System in Admin Building at RDSO
13.09.2022 at 15:00 Hrs
1. Provision of Reviring, augmentation of power supply & DG Set at Extra Divisional RDSO, Hospital
2. Provisional of Electrical Work for renovatyion in RDSO Hospital with provision of Store, 02 toilets for Doctors room and 02 toilet with RC roof in fever clinic adition-alteration in dispensary and x-Ray room etc.
13.09.2022 at 15:00 Hrs
Provision of electrical work for load extension for CMS school at RDSO, Lucknow
23.12.2022 at 15:00 Hrs
1. Air conditioning of RDSO Hospital
2. Replacement of overaged AC plants at Officer's club in RDSO Lucknow.
3. Replacement of overaged window/split Air conditioner at different locations in RDSO, Lucknow (Phase-I)
23.12.2022 at 15:00 Hrs
13. PRE-BID/EMS/01/2022-23 For Roof Top Solar Plant at RDSO Lucknow in RESCO Mode 02.01.2023 18.01.2023 at 11:00 Hrs.
14 09-2022-23 1. Strengthening & augmentation of electrical power supply in RDSO.
2. Improvement in campus lights in residential quaters in RDSO, Manak Nagart, Lucknow.
3. Provision of Electrification work in Stadium Pavilion & Gallery view inside RDSO stadium Premises.
4. Provision of electrical work for Air-conditioning in Sectional Library, Lab & other misc. work in GE Directorete.
16.01.2023 17.02.2023 at 15:00 Hrs.
15 10-2022-23 Repair & Maintenance of 35 KWp, Solar System installed at Annexe-I Building, RDSO. 16.01.2023 17.02.2023 at 15:00 Hrs.
16 11-2022-23 Provision of Electrification work for LED Lightning with High Mast in Cricket Ground at RDSO Stadium 21.03.2023 14.04.2023
17 01-2023-24 Provision of Electrification Work for LED Lightning with High Mast in Cricket Ground at RDSO Stadium 20.04.2023 12.05.2023 at 15:00 Hrs.
18 03-2023-24 Provision of Prepaid Metering for outsiders in RDSO, Lucknow 19.05.2023 12.06.2023 at 15:00 Hrs.
19 02-2023-24
1. Repair and Maintenance Work of Electrical Infrastructure installed in residential colony and service building at RDSO, Lucknow.
2. Repairing/replacement of underground cables along-with cable joints after detection of fault by electronic machine (as & when required)in RDSO campus, for a period of one year.
3. Provision of Electrification & Air Conditioning Work for the Conversion of Store Rooms into office Accomadation in TMM Dte.
4. Replacement of Air Conditioning System in MRVC Rest House, RDSO Lucknow
19.05.2023 12.06.2023 at 15:00 Hrs.




NIT (Hindi)

Provision of Eletrification Work for LED Lighting with Highh Mast in Cricket Ground at RDSO Stadium


26.06.2023 at 15:00 Hrs



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