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Traction Installation

About Traction Installation Department:

Traction Installation Directorate is engaged in design, development and introduction of appropriate technology for equipment related to Traction Distribution System. The Directorate is involved in evolving designs & standards to improve the reliability & availability of Traction Power Supply to Traction Distribution Network of Indian Railways. The main activities of the directorate are as under:

  • Design & development of equipment used for Electrified Railway’s Traction System in India i.e. Traction Sub-Stations Equipment and Over Head Line Equipment.
  • Standardization of equipment used for 25 kV Traction System & 2x25 kV AC Traction System.
  • Providing technical consultancy in the field of Traction Power Distribution and Railway Electrification to Indian Railways and other agencies like - Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd.– REMCL - MRVC - RITES - IRCON - Various State owned Metro Rail System.



Organization Chart:


Brief Achievements in last one year (2022-23):


  1. Indian Railway Standard IS/RDSO-TI/0002:2023 for Power Quality Restorer (PQR) for 25kV and 2x25 kV Traction Substation in Indian Railways has been issued and uploaded on RDSO Website for use by BIS, Railways and its vendors.
  2. Revision of STR of Transformer TI/STR/014 Rev.05.
  3. A & C slip no. 1 of Specification no. TI/SPC/PSI/ISOLTR/0210 for Isolator issued.
  4. Maintenance Instruction No. TI/MI/0048 Rev.02 issued to Zonal Railways for Provision of Lightning Arrester over 25 kV side of Traction System.
  5. Report no. TI/REPORT/PSI/2022/00141 on permissible headway for running Vande Bharat Train ‘T18’ trains at 160kmph has been prepared and issued to zonal railways.
  6. 34 nos. drawings for Terminal connector for 80mm Bus Bar used in 25kV and 2x25kV System have been prepared and issued to Zonal Railways and CORE for implementation.
  7. 24 nos. drawings of Traction Sub-station (Scott Connected and V-connected Traction Transformer) in 2x25kV System have been revised for Transformer Foundation.
  8. Developmental vendor for 8 MVA and 16.5 MVA Auto transformer have been approved for 2x25kV Traction system.
  9. Development of two new sources for 25kV Double Pole Vaccum Circuit Breaker and Vaccum Interrupter with spring-spring operating Mechanism.
  10. Development of Conditional Vendors of SCADA, Control & Relay Panel, Scott connected & V-connected Traction Power transformer.
  11. Technical Specification No. TI/SPC/PSI/PROTCT/6072 for Control and relay panel including numerical type relays for traction transformer, OHE, 25KV Shunt capacitor bank and Transformer line protection for 25KV AC TSS reviewed, finalized and issued to Zonal Railways.
  12. Preparation and updation of Master list of drawings on RDSO Website.
  13. Indian Railway Standard No. IS/RDSO-TI/0001:2023 for Overhead Line Inspection with Video Recording System for Current Collection Test has been prepared and issued.
  14. Final RDSO guideline no. TI/IN/0045 for hotline cleaning of insulators prepared and issued to Zonal Railways.
  15. Based on the data received from Zonal Railways, failure analysis of 25 kV porcelain and composite insulators for last 3 years i.e. 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22 have been carried out and a Report No. TI/REPORT/OHE/2022/00142 has been prepared and submitted to Railway Board.
  16. Advance correction slip no 34 to ACTM Vol II part II appendix I para no 18.11, ACTM vol–II, Part–II, fig A1.10 and ACTM vol–II, part–I, chapter-7, Para 20703-sub para 4.1 with regard to distance between OHE structure and signal post has been issued.
  17. Technical Specification No. TI/SPC/OHE/INSCOM/1072 reviewed & finalized for Silicone Composite Insulators for 25 kV AC 50 Hz Single Phase Overhead Traction Equipment and issued to Zonal Railways.
  18. Technical Specification No. TI/SPC/OHE/POST/0101 for Solid Core Porcelain Cylindrical Post Insulators for System with nominal voltage of 66 kV, 110 kV, 132 kV and 220 kV reviewed, finalized and issued to Zonal Railways.
  19. Technical Specification No. TI/SPC/OHE/INS/0071 for Solid Core Porcelain Insulators for 25 kV AC 50 Hz Single Phase Overhead Traction Lines reviewed, finalized and issued to Zonal Railways.
  20. 182 Man-days training of 33 nos. of Staff of TI Directorate completed.
  21. Development of two more sources added for item 25 kV Composite section insulator 1050 mm CD. Currently, there are total 03 sources for this item.
  22. Approval of design of two new sources for item 25 kV Composite section insulator 1050 mm CD.
  23. Development of indigenous approved vendor for Short Neutral Section Assembly (Phase Break)
  24. Approval of new source of Traction Motor and Diesel Engine for DETC application completed.
  25. Cross acceptance criteria TI/IN/0044 Rev.0 for new item/design/specification for 25 KV and 2x25 kV AC traction system issued.
  26. Audit for compliance of ISO 14001, 45001 and 50001 successfully completed for IMS certification.
  27. 93 nos. drawings modified due to inclusion of weight of galvanization for different OHE structures for conventional as well as High Rise OHE and issued to all zonal Railways.
  28. Permissible bending moment’s capacity for different location (Normal, ACC, OLI, OLC, ACA and OLA) of M-series & K-series Masts calculated for 2x25 kV OHE system issued to zonal Railways.
  29. Design and drawings prepared for employment schedule for dedicated test track for 1200/1200 kgf tension catenary 65mm2 and contact wire 107mm2 for Wind pressure-155 kgf/m2 for conventional OHE for different implantation.
  30. Design and 18 nos. drawings prepared for employment schedule for Normal OHE mast (9.5m) for all wind pressure zone for OHE + Feeder wire + Earth wire for 1500 kgf tension in catenary wire 125 mm2, 1500 kgf tension in contact wire 150 mm2 for different implantation.
  31. Design and 12 nos. drawings prepared for employment schedule for conventional OHE Mast (9.5m) wind pressure 73, 105, 136 and 216 kgf/m2 for OHE + Feeder wire + Earth wire for 1200 kgf tension in catenary wire 65 mm2 and 1200 kgf tension in contact wire 107 mm2 for different implantation for 160 kmph.
  32. Suitability checking of existing portal (N, O and R type portal) for 1500/1500 kgf tension in catenary and contact wire respectively for 200 KMPH.

Current assignments in hand:

  1. Revision of Specification no. TI/SPC/RCC/SCADA/0133 of SCADA related to Cyber Security aspects.
  2. Revision of Specification no. TI/SPC/PSI/LVCBIN/0120 Rev.0 (Dec. 2013) with A&C Slip no. 1 for 25kV AC DP VCB & VI.
  3. Tender for the work “Power supply simulation for running train at 200kmph Simulation”.
  4. Impedance Calculation and load flow analysis in Railway Traction System (1x25kV and 2x25kV System) by IIT Roorkee.
  5. Revision of STR No. TI/STR/0028 of SCADA.
  6. Revision of STR No. TI/STR/015 Rev. 01 of Circuit Breaker & Interrupter.
  7. Vendor development of 25kV & 2x25kV PSI Items such as Double Pole Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Vacuum Interrupter, SCADA, Control & Relay Panel and  8MVA, 12.3 MVA & 16 MVA Auto-transformers and 132kV & 220kV Scott-connected & V-connected Power traction transformers.
  8. Finalization of relay setting guidelines for 2x25KV AC traction system.
  9. Development of Specification of Maintenance free Earthing in Traction Applications.
  10. Tender for the work “Dynamic Simulation of OHE & Pantograph Interaction for operation of trains upto 200 kmph”.
  11. Revision of Specification of Short Neutral Section Assembly.
  12. Revision of Specification of Spring ATD.
  13. Development of indigenous vendors of OHE items.
  14. Preparing the design & drawing of employment schedule for 9.5m OHE mast for OHE + Feeder wire + Earth wire for conventional OHE for 1200 kgf tension catenary 65mm2 and 1200 kgf tension in contact 107 mm2 for wind pressure 73, 105, 136, 155, 178 and 216 kgf/m2  for implantation 2.8m, 3.8m and 4.85m.
  15. Checking of OHE structures for 2x25 kV for 1200/1200 kgf tension in OHE conductor.
  16. To prepare the design & 18 nos. drawing of employment schedule for 9.5m OHE mast for OHE + Feeder wire + Earth wire for 1200 kgf tension catenary 125mm2 and 1200 kgf tension in contact 107 mm2 for all wind pressure zone for different implantation.
  17. Organizing 32nd MSG TRD Meeting.
  18. Routine Inspection of M/s SAN Engg. make 8WDETC against Railway Board Purchase Order.
  19. Developments of M/s Phooltas make 8WDETC and SPMUV Railway Board Purchase Order.
  20. Prototype testing for two new developmental sources of item 25 kV composite section insulator 1050 mm CD.
  21. Revision of Specification of Tensile Testing M/c for pre-commissioning testing of 25 kV OHE insulators.
  22. Revision of 8WDETC Specification.
  23. Review of handling instruction of composite insulator TI/IN/0013 Rev1.
  24. Oscillation Trial for DFCCIL Tower Wagon.
  25. Development of Overhead Line Inspection with Video Recording System for Current Collection Test (Oliver-G) as per Indian Railway Standard No. IS/RDSO-TI/0001:2023.
  26. Finalization of committee report on Troubleshooting guidelines for TW and preparation of trouble shooting guideline.
  27. Revision of Elementary MRI Specification as per recommendations of MRI committee report.
  28. Development of Higher Creepage Post and operating rod insulator.


Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 13-11-2023  

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