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About Carriage Department:
Carriage Directorate of RDSO is actively engaged in the development of new designs and upgradation/standardization of the existing designs of passenger coaching stock and their sub-systems. The main activities of the directorate are:
  • Nodal agency of IR for all design & technical issues related to coaching stock.
  • Introduction of new technologies in mainline coaches, MEMUs/EMUs, Trainsets etc.
  • Nodal agency for issue of speed certificates & sanction for coaching stock, COCR & special trials.
  • Development of key drawings, specifications and standardized designs for coaching stock.
  • Coordination with manufacturing units (ICF, RCF & MCF), Zonal Railways & Railway Board.
  • Study of coach suspension and dynamic simulations etc for continuous improvement in safety and ride characteristics of coaching stock.  
  • Vendor development of assigned safety & other items to Carriage Directorate
Work Distribution:
Description of work
Coach Design
(CD) section
Design and Development of Shell (all types ICF, LHB, Double Decker) + Crashworthiness design of all coaches + COCR speed certificates for trials/ operation for all types of rolling stock
Fire & smoke detection / Suppression systems
Standards section
Standardization of all types of BG, MG & NG passenger stock including issue of modifications + Coach layouts of ICF & LHB coaches + NMGH / NMGH / other ICF conversion + Noise & Dust Issues + Train Examination and maintenance including amendment of Coaching maintenance manual (ICF & LHB), IRCA Part IV + Corrosion repairs + Coordination for CMG, DMG, CDE & CME conference meetings + coordination with NID/ Ahmedabad, Paints/Vinyls / Paining Scheme of Coaches + Dustbins including compactors.
Wheel and Axle for all rolling stocks.
Main Axle Bearings for all rolling stock (RB / CTRB)
Vehicle Dynamics Group (VDG) section
Dynamic simulation of various proposals of vehicle design + library of track wheel profile and contact tables of various types for use by other simulation staff + criteria committee meeting
Design and development of new bogie design + Preparation/revision of bogie maintenance manual + Design and development of bogie components like Bogie Frame, Control Arm, Steel coil springs, Air springs, FIBA + Development of Control Equipment of Air suspension system for ICF, LHB and EMU/DMU coaches + Rubber Metal Bonded parts, dampers + Bogie design of trainsets, Train-18 etc. + coordination with UTHS directorate for all VDG related matters concerning semi-high speed/ high speed trains. Bogie corrosion/painting. 
Brakes and EMU & Self Propelled (E&S) section
Air Brake system ICF + LHB disc brake system + EP Brake of EMUs and DMUs + parking brake system of EMUs, DMUs and SPVs + Brake Consumables – Composite Brake Blocks for Mainline and EMU coaches, Organic Brake Pads for LHB coaches, Brake Gear Bushes for ICF type coaches.
Standardization, modifications & maintenance of Distributed Power /self – propelled vehicles (SPVs) + Coordination with other directorates for Trainsets, EMUs, MEMUs, DEMUs, SPVs + Coordinating technical scrutiny and safety certification work of Kolkata Metro System + Milt tank consultancy work + All interface with electrical requiring change/Modification.
Sub Systems (SS) section
Fire testing lab
Design and development of coach interiors of ICF, LHB and other rolling stock (materials for flooring, panels, roof, seats & berths etc.) + Development of alternate materials for coach interiors and furnishing materials.
Bio toilets + vacuum toilets + UIC vestibules
Doors/ Windows including automatic plug / sliding doors, work related to coach PA & PIS systems.
Miscellaneous works
UVAM portal, ISO related work, CBRR, GCM, CRR coordination, Coaches for KLK-SML section & speed increase in KLK-SML section, EN 14363, Policy Circular 6, Dashboard (MR/DG), Pending references
Organisation Chart:
Brief Achievements during 2020 and 2021:
  • Development of LHB AC-3 Tier Economy Coach.
  • Development of LHB AC Vista-dome Tourist Coach.
  • Development of AC Inspection Carriage (Administrative) LRAAC.
  • Development of design drawings and conversion procedure for conversion of over-aged ICF Non-AC coaches to Automobile Carrier Coach (NMGHS).
  • Development of Flameless Pantry Car coach for Bharat Gaurav trains.
  • Development of air-conditioned Self-Propelled Inspection Car (SPIC)
  • Development of 3-phase on board MEMU by M/s BEML
  • Jerk trials and report on remedial measures
  • Carriage Maintenance Instructions for Corrosion Repairs in LHB coaches.
  • Guidelines for retro fitment of Fire detection and alarm system in air-conditioned EMU trains.
  • Guidelines for retro fitment of Fire detection and alarm system in non-AC EMU and MEMU trains.
  • Development of Bio-Vacuum Toilets.
  • Standardization of 160 kN Air Spring for LHB Coaches.
  • Efficient ventilation system for EMUs.
Current Assignments in hand:
  1. Manufacturing of New Generation Energy Efficient Vande Bharat Trainsets with Concentrated Power System (up to 200 kmph).
  2. Manufacturing of new generation Energy Efficient Vande Bharat Trainsets with Distributed power system (up to 200 kmph).
  3. Manufacturing of Vande Bharat Trainsets (up to 160 kmph).
  4. Developments of special type of rolling stock on VB & LHB platform.
  5. COCR of new stock and remaining routes for 130 Kmph.
  6. Development of NG Rolling Stock for Kalka Shimla.
  7. Train operation over USBRC & RKSH-KNPG Hill sections.
  8. Subsystem: Improvements in reliability in wheels, CTRBs & couplers.
  9. Development of Conical Springs for EMUs.
  10. On Board Condition monitoring for mainline Coaching stock.


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