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Bridge & Structure

About Bridge & Structure Depatment:

Main role of Bridge and Structures directorate is to issue standard drawings for use across Indian Railways. Standard drawings of Railway Bridges (Steel, Composite, PSC and RCC), Road Over Bridges (Composite and Bow String), Foot Over Bridges, Steel bridge sleepers etc. are issued. Formulation and updation of codes, manuals & guidelines on various aspects related to bridge loading, design, planning, construction etc. is another important work of this directorate. Clearance of Design Basis Report of Metros and Non-standard important railway bridges is also done. Vetting of Speed Certificates for different rolling stocks from bridge point of view is done for facilitating trials and operation of new rolling stocks. Development & adoption of new technology for bridges on Indian Railways is done for induction of new technology. Registration of vendors for Steel girder fabrication, elastomeric bearings, POT-PTFE bearings, expansion joints and HSFG bolting assemblies is done for quality assurance during fabrication of bridges. Fabrication inspection of newly fabricated steel bridge girders where RDSO is engaged as an inspecting agency by Zonal Railways is done to ensure quality fabrication of these steel girders. Rail Structure Interaction (RSI) analysis for ballasted deck bridges for Zonal Railways is done for continuation of LWR/CWR over such bridges. NDT Testing and instrumentation is conducted on bridges referred by Zonal Railways. Bridge and Structures Standard Committee Meetings are conducted for discussion and finalization of various technical issues related to bridges over Indian Railways. Development of new loading standards and dealing issues related to floods. Bridge related Consultancy services to Zonal Railways are also one of the major task.



Organizational Chart:

Brief Achievements of the Directorate during last one year and current year 

  1. Guidelines for 4D (BrIM) based Inspection of Indian Railway Bridges Using 3D Bridge Information Model and Unmanned Aerial System (Drone) issued in June 2021.
  2. Standard design and drawings of three Legged Lattice & Monopole type towers along with foundations of different heights (40m, 30m, 20m) for 180kmph and 140kmph wind speed and for different Water Table conditions were issued in connection of TCAS tower for “Indigenously developed Automatic Train Protection system using UHF and long term evaluation based mobile train radio communication” “Kavach” were finalized and approved.
  3. Compendium for Road Over Bridges on Indian Railways prepared as Report number BS-132
  4. Design & drawing of Road Over Bridge Bow String Steel Girder of 42m, 48m, 56m, 60m and 72m clear span for NHAI three lane one way (with special class loading of 385 ton) for seismic zone – V and Wind Zone- VI  issued.
  5. Design & drawing of Road Over Bridge Truss Steel Girder of 102m clear span for NHAI three lane one way and two lane one way (with special class loading of 385 ton) for seismic zone – V and Wind Zone- VI  issued.
  6. Checking of suitability of existing RDSO standard ROB drawings of 18m, 24m, 30m and 36m for skew angle > 20° and upto 30°.
  7. Adoption of Stainless Steel as structural material in corrosion prone areas on trial basis. Design and drawing of 36m and 30m span composite deck type Stainless Steel ROB for deck width of 12.3m, 15.3m and 15.6m issued for trial purpose in CR and WR areas.
  8. Vetting of 294 speed certificates of new rolling stocks from bridge point of view and examination of 79 trial reports.
  9. Approval of 79 vendors of Steel Bridge Girder, Elastomeric Bearing, POT-PTFE Bearing, Expansion Joints and HSFG bolts.
  10. RDSO Guidelines (BS-130) for Fabrication Inspection of RDSO Standards Spans-Composite I-Section Steel Girders for Road Over Bridges (ROBs) issued in June 2021.
  11. Revised drawings of 12.2m, 18.3m, 24.4m and 30.5m clear span composite girder of 25-t loading applicable for all seismic zones issued.
  12. Revision of guidelines for carrying out load deflection test of plate, open web & composite girders Report no BS-128 (R1) issued in September 2021.
  13. A & C Slip No: 9 to IRS Concrete Bridge Code (Reprint - 2014) for Cl. regarding Coatings for Concrete has been issued.
  14. Salient steps for checking existing masonry and concrete substructures for introduction of new types of locomotives, rolling stocks and new train composition or for gauge conversion circulated to Zonal Railways.
  15. Codal provisions related to consideration of skin friction in pile foundations have been reviewed: A & C slip No.10 to IRS Bridge Sub-Structures and Foundation Code regarding modification of clause 6.9.2 has been issued.
  16. Technical paper on “Evaluation of Shrinkage and Creep Related Provisions of IRS: Concrete Bridge Code” has been prepared which was published in Indian Railways Technical Bulletin in March 2022.
  17. Guidelines for Selection of Bridge Bearings for Railway Bridges & ROBs Report no. BS-131 issued in November 2021. This will help the field engineers in selection of bearings for Railway Bridges as well as ROBs.
  18. Revised “Guideline on Type of Foundation for Railway Bridges, Report no. BS-127(R1)” issued to Zonal Railways.
  19. Revised Checklist for preparation of GAD of Railway Bridges issued to Zonal Railways.
  20. Guideline for Repair of Concrete and Masonry Structures (BS-133) has been issued to Zonal Railways in March, 2022.
  21. A Method Statement for Calculation of Catchment Properties using Geographic Information System has been issued to all Zonal Railways in March, 2022.
  22. “Guidelines of approval of Design Basis Report for Important Bridges (Revision-1)” Report No. BS-122 (R1), has been revised and issued to Zonal Railway in August, 2022.
  23. Compendium work for RCC Box RUBs completed. This will help field engineers in planning, designing & executing of RUBs over Indian Railways.
  24. Standard design and drawings of RCC pedestals on Piers P1 to P5 for Major Bridge No. 22 of Dedicated Test Track on NWR have been issued.
  25. Pier caps of two piers P1 & P6 of Major Bridge No. 22 of Dedicated Test Track are revised as required by NWR. Alteration in drawings of RCC Piers P1 to P5 of Major Bridge No. 22 of Dedicated Test Track done as required by NWR.
  26. Technical approval of instrumentation schemes for 20 Nos. bridges (1 of NER, 14 of CR, 4 of ECR and 1 of SECR).
  27. A supplement to Guidelines on water logging and drainage problem in RUBs/Subways sent to Railway Board in Sept. 2022.
  28. The design and drawings of 6m wide FOB for span 25m to 30m with main girder as composite girders, tubular sections for columns and roofing arrangements and dog legged ramps were issued.
  29. Drawings of 60m, 54m & 48m clear span for NHAI two lane one way (four lane), bow string girder has been revised due to revision in IRC SP:84 and issued (RDSO/B-10434 to 10434/11),( RDSO/B-10435 to 10435/11) and (RDSO/B-10436 to 10436/11).
  30. Revision of RDSO standard ROB drawings of 18, 24m, 30 m & 36m  for revised deck widths as per latest IRC specification
  31. Drawing of 45.7m OWG has been revised due to issue of Bending of BLB Gusset plate above Bearing at (L0) location in Drg. No. RDSO/B-17181/9 and issued to all zonal railways.
  32. Drawings of 54m clear span for NHAI two lane one way (four lane), bow sting girder has been revised due to revision in IRC SP:84 and issued (RDSO/B-10435 to 10435/11) .
  33. ACS-1 to IRS Seismic Code-2020 issued in June 2022.
  34. Guidelines for the Use of High Performance Concrete in Bridges have been revised (BS-89R).
  35. A&C slip No. 50 to IRS Bridge Rules (Third Repint-2014) has been issued in Dec. 2022.
  36. Standard design and drawings of RCC (M-35) Abutments of height 4m and more than 4m & up to 6m for span 12.2m Post Tensioned PSC slab (4units) for severe environment exposure condition conforming to 25t Loading-2008 for seismic zone V have been issued to Zonal Railways
  37. New Design and drawing of 12.2m PSC 2I-Girder for 25t loading with provision of footpath issued and uploaded on RDSO website.
  38. A & C Slip No: 51 to IRS Bridge Rules (Third Reprint - 2014) regarding modification to Sub Clause (b), (d), & (g) of clause related with ballastless track bridges has been issued in Feb, 2023.
  39. Standard Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for Elastomeric Bearing, POT-PTFE Bearing and Expansion Joint has been issued in Feb.2023.
  40. K.C.Sood Memorial Award has been conferred to Sh. B.P.Awasthi, PED (Infra-II) and team in Feb. 2023 for third best technical paper presented during International Technical Seminar held at Udaipur on “Suitability of Existing Railway Bridges for higher speed and higher axle land over Indian Railway Network”.
  41. A Technical Paper on “Challenges in performance of existing railway bridge infrastructure for traffic regime of higher speed and heavier axle loads” has been presented by Sh. B.P.Awasthi, PED (Infra-II) and team, in International Technical Seminar held at Kolkata on 24th & 25th February, 2023. 

Current Assignment in hand

  1. Standardization of design of drawings of 1 span of Open Web Girders with ballasted deck for 25-t loading with its suitability for passenger train operation upto 220kmph.
  2. Research Project with CSIR-SERC on “Evaluation and management of longitudinal forces on substructure of Railway Bridges”
  3. Upgradation of B&S Lab.
  4. Revision of Plate Girder Drawings of Railway Bridges as per IRS Seismic Code, Revised (2020).
  5. Detailed checking of all standard drawings of Concrete girders including bearings /slabs for 25t loading.
  6. Dynamic analysis and evaluation of existing RDSO standard bridge superstructures for various axle load and speed configurations.
  7. Preparation of Appreciation Report for field trials of Continuous Scour Monitoring of Bridge Foundation.
  8. TAG on Vasai Creek Bridge of WR.
  9. Guideline for pipe-pushing by micro-tunneling. 
  10. RCC Boxes of Dedicated Test Track at NWR.
  11. Standard design of RCC (M-35) Abutments of height 4m and more than 4m & up to 6m for span 12.2m Post Tensioned PSC slab (4units) for severe environment exposure condition conforming to 25t Loading-2008 for seismic zones II, III & IV
  12. Issue of draft A&C slip no 10 of IRS Bridge Substructures and Foundation Code.
  13. Review of Manual on Design and Construction of Well and Pile Foundation.
  14. Revision of RDSO Standard Bow string girder ROB drawings of 42m and 72m clear span for NHAI two lane one way (four lane) revised deck widths as per latest IRC specifications.


Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 10-03-2023  

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