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Signal & Telecommunication

About Signal &Telecommunication Department:

Signal & Telecom Directorate is engaged in design development and standardization of various S&T equipment/systems for use on Indian Railways and also provision and maintenance of telecom utilities provided in RDSO.

The main activities of the Directorate are as under:-

  • Design, development & standardization of Signal & Telecom equipment.
  • Adaptation & absorption of emerging technologies.
  • Providing technical assistance/guidance to Zonal Railways.
  • Issue, review & revision of specification, test formats & Schedule of Technical Requirements (STRs)
  • Vendor development for developmental S&T items.
  • Provision of testing facilities for vendor development of S&T items.
  • Provision of maintenance of IT & telecom infrastructural facilities in RDSO.


Organization Chart:

PED/S&T:      Shri Suresh Kumar, (Over all in-charge of S&T Directorate)

ED/SIG-I:      Shri Amit Misra, (EI, Standard circuits, SigDATE, SIP, ISA etc.)

ED/SIG-II:     Shri Dipu Shyam (LED Signals, RDPMS, Point Machine, Data logger, Electro Mech Sig, CTC SSC, MSG etc.)

ED/Tele-I:      Shri Dinesh Verma, (LTE, 4G/5G Trial, VSS, VOIP, IPMPLS, Tunnel Comm., TCSC etc.)

ED/Tele-II:    Shri G. Pavan Kumar (KAVACH, PoC of LTE, Dedicated Test Track, CBTC, ETCS etc.)

Dir/Sig-I:       Shri Upendra Kr Verma (Relays, all type of signalling cables, ELD, FST, Secondary cell, ELB, Flasher, FACS, Block            instruments etc. and QA related works of LKO unit.)

Dir/Sig-IV:     Shri Madhup Mohan Srivastava (KAVACH, Signal Lab, Power Supply, IPS, Speed Cert. etc.)

Dir/Tele-I:      Shri Vijay Garg (TMS, LTE, IPIS, OFC, Copper cable, IP Exchange, Tele Works etc.)

Dir/Tele-II:     Smt. Sangeeta Pandey (IDS, ISO, Tele Lab, Voice Logger, FDES, EMI/EMC etc.)

Dir/Sig-II:      Shri Triambak Tiwari (Digital Axle Counter (SSDAC, MSDAC, HASSDAC), AAWS, UFSBI, Solid state BPAC using UFSBI) 


Important items of Signal & Telecom Directorate

Signal Wing:

  1. KAVACH / Indian Railways Automatic Train Protection System.
  2. Solid state Signal & Point modules for Electronic Interlocking.
  3. SigDATE.
  4. Standard circuits for EI.
  5. Standard Interface Protocols (SIP) for electronic systems of signalling.
  6. CTC.
  7. RDPMS.
  8. In-Sleeper point machine.
  9. TWS point machine.
  10. Gantry for Signal.
  11. Surge & Lightening Protection for Signal Equipment Installed at IR.
  12. KLCR.
  13. Relays.

Telecom Wing:

  1. Implementation of LTE.
  2. Proof of Concept of 5G indigenous networking solution.
  3. IP-MPLS Technology for Unified Communication Backbone on Indian Railway.
  4. IP based Video Surveillance System.
  5. IP Based Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System in Coaches of Indian Railways.
  6. IP based Integrated Passenger Information System.
  7. Integrated Communication System for Tunnels.
  8. VHF Sets to be used on Indian Railways.
  9. OFC and Quad cable.
  10. Intrusion Detection System – for elephants.
  11. VoIP based Train Control Communication System.




Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 22-04-2024  

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