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TDG 0017, Rev. 3 Item specific guidelines for vendor approval / extension of approval for manufacture of AT welding portions and execution of AT rail joints

TDG0026- "Indian Railway Standard Specific guidelines for hard facing electrodes for reconditioning of crossings, switches and SEJs Revised -2020"

Indian Railway Standard Specification for Fusion Welding of Rails by Alumino – Thermic process Serial no. IRST-19-2020

Specification IRS-T-53/2020 – Indian Railway Standard Specification for Ultrasonic Testing of Rails/ Welds, Revised- 2020

List of Specification


 Revision 4 IRS Specification T-31

IRS Specification for Glass filled Nylon-66 Insulating Liner,SL. Nio. T-44-1995 with Corrigendum no.6 of 2018

 IRS Specification for Elastic Rail Clips, SL.No. T-31-992 (Fourth Revision)

IRS Specification for Pre-tensioned Pre-stressed Concrete Sleepers for BG & MG,  T-39 (5th Revision) -Feb. 2016  with Corrigendum no. 6

IRS Specification for Pre-tensioned Pre-stressed Concrete Sleepers for turnouts for  BG and MG,  T-45 (3rd Revision) -Nov.. 2016 with Corrigendum no. 4

IRS specification for GRSP (6mm thick) for Placing Beneath Rails, Sl no. T-47-2006 with Amendment No. 3 of 2017

Covering letter  for issue with A&C slip no.02 of June, 2015 to IRST-19-2012

Corrigendum No. 1 to IRS T 10-2000

Corrigendum No. 1 to IRS Specification for Spring Setting Device for use with Over-riding Switches (Provisional 2008)

Corringendum No. 1 to Technical Specification for Improved SEJ (Provisional 2008) (Drg. No. RDSO/T-6922 to 6934)

Corrigendum No. 1 to Technical Specification for Improved SEJ (Provisional 2008) (Drg. No. RDSO/T-6902 to 6921)

Provisional Specification for Composite Sleepers (2014) - Rev. 1/2017

IRS Specification for Spheriodal Graphite Cast Iron Inserts to IRS/ T-46-1996 with Correction Slip No.3

IRS specification for Composite GRSP (6.2mm thick) for Placing Beneath Rails, (Provosonal-2006) with Amendment No. 2 of 2017

IRS Specification for Metal Liners for use with ERC (Provisional)-2013 with Corrigendum No.1 of  Oct., 2016

 IRS T-12/2009 with A&C slip no 1, 2, 3 & .4       Addendum & Corrigendum Slip No. 05  

IRS T-23/1967

IRS T-28/1973

Provisional Specification for Retro-Reflective Indicators ( May 2011)

Functional Specification for Rubberised Surface at Level Crossings

Technical Specification for Re-Furbishing of Existing Glued Insulated Rail Joints and In-Situ Fabrication of Glued Insulated Rail Joints (Provisional)

IRS-T-52/2020 - "India Railway Standard Specification for Ultrasonic TEsting of Rail/Welds using Vehicular Systems Revised - 2020"

Technical Specification for Zinc Aluminium Metallisation of Rails (Specification no. IRS: T-51)

Technical Specification for Track Based gauge Lubricators (Electronic and Hydraulic Type), IRS-T-48, 2013 along with ACS no. 1

Addendum & Corrigendum Slip No. 07 to the Manual for Glued Insulated Rail Joints (1998)

IRS T-1-2012 (Addendum & Corrigendum Slip No. 1 of September 2018), Specification for Fish Plate & Fish Plate Bars

Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 25-11-2020  

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