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List of approved Specification of "On Track Machines" 

SN Name of Machine  Specification No.& Date.
1. Worksite Tamper (WST) (with corrigendum no. 01 of August, 2018) TM/HM/WST/402-Rev.01 of 2017 Dated- 02.07.2018
2. Points and Crossings Changing Machine (PCCM)

TM/HM/T-28/370  Rev.01 of 2016 Dated-. 19.07.2018

3. Shoulder Ballast Cleaning Machine (SBCM) TM/HM/SBCM/432 Rev. 01 of 2018 Dated-. 01.08.2018
4. Muck Disposal Unit (MDU) TM/HM/MDU/433 Rev. 01 of 2018 Dated-16.08.2018
5. Multipurpose Tamper (MPT) TM/HM/MPT/367 Rev. 02 of 2018 Dated-29.08.2018
6. High Output Tamping cum Stabilizing Machine capable of 3500 sleepers per hour peak output (HOT-STAB)

TM/HM/HOT-STAB/371 Rev. 02 –2017

Dated-. 18.09.2018

7. Track laying Equipment (TLE) TM/HM/TLE/401 Rev. 01 - 2018 Dated-. 20.12.2018


Rail Borne Maintenance Vehicle (RBMV)

TM/HM/RBMV-422 Rev.01 of 2019 Date:- 24.12.2019


Track Relaying Machine (TRT)

TM/HM/TRT/384 Rev. 02 of 2019 Date:- 09.03.2019


Improved End Unloading System for long Rail Panels (EUR)

TM/HM/29/EUR/450 of 2018 Date:-12.03.2019


Ballast Cleaning Machine (BCM)

TM/HM/BCM-372 Rev 02 of 2019 Date:-12.06.2019


Utility Track Vehicle (UTV)

TM/HM/UTV/381 Rev.02 of 2019 Date:-21.06.2019


Ballast Regulating Machine (BRM)

TM/HM/BRM-369 Rev.02 of 2019 Date:-01.07.2019


96-Stone Rail Grinding Machine

TM-215/May-2018, Dated:31.08.2018


8-Stone Rail Grinding Machine

TM-192/Dec-2015, Dated: 18.12.2018


Rail Milling Machine

TM-213/Jan-2018 Dated:01.03.2019

17. Continuous Action Tamping Machine (CSM) 2003/Track-III/MC/10 dt. 11.01.2013
18. Dynamic Track Stablizer (DTS) 2004/Track-III/MC/2 dt. 06.12.2017
19. T-Express (HOT-3500 sleepers) 2003/Track-III/MC/10 dt.11.10.11
20. Heavy Duty On Track Tampers for Tamping Points And Crossing 2004/Track-III/MC/3 dt. 21.02.2018


Switch Rail Grinding Machine(SRGM)

2014/Track-III/MC/2 Dt. 07.11.2017

22. Rail Inspection Vehicle (RIV)
2014/Track-III/MC/3 Dt. 24.11.2017
23. Technical Specification and Special Technical Conditions for Procurement of Six numbers Self Propelled Ultrasonic Rail Testing (SPURT) Car  Track/21/2017/0903/7 Pt. II dt. 18.12.2017


High Output Ballast Cleaning Machine (HO-BCM)

2013/Track-III/MC/11 Dated:- 04.03.2016


72-Stone Rail Grinding Machine

2003/Track-III/MC/2 Dt- 29.11.2017


 High Output Shoulder Ballast Cleaning Machine (HO-SBCM)

 TM/HM/HO-SBCM/395 of 2017 Dated:- 18.04.2018


Improved In-field unloading and loading system for long rail panels

TM/HM/29/449 of 2018 Dated:- 25.07.2019


Mechanized Wagon for Transportation of Turnout Assembly  (SRTW)

TM/HM/SRTW/453 of 2019 Dated:- 16.08.2019


Mobile Flash Butt Weding Machine (MFBWM)

TM/HM/MFBWM/458 of 2019 Dated:-13.11.2019


Track Relaying Machine (TRM)

TM/HM/TRM/459 of 2019 Dated:-03.12.2019


Rail Threader (RT)

TM/HM/RT/424 Rev. 01 of 2020

Dated:- 20.05.2020



Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-06-2020  

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