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About Directorate


Roles and functions of Track Machines and Monitoring Dte.

Track Machines and Monitoring Directorate was formed in Sept., 1995. Earlier the subject was dealt by Research Track Directorate. Main functions of directorate are Track Monitoring by Track Recording Cars, Testing of Track components like Sleepers, Fastenings , welds etc. in Track Lab, Preparation of Track Machine Manual, Maintenance instructions and Guidelines like, List of critical Spare Parts, Inspection-Checklists, Maintenance Schedule Manuals, Revision of specifications, Indigenization of Spare parts etc. for Large Track Machine, Development and Standardization of Small Track Machines and P.Way measuring tools.

Infrastructure and Test Facilites

1. Universal Testing Machine :

The universal testing machine is used for measurement of Toe load, load deflection characteristics and stresses for different types of elastic fastening, calibration of the helical springs of toe load measuring device and assessment of pull out resistance of inserts, spikes, screws etc. 

2.Creep Resistance Frame :

The creep resistance frame is used for measuring of creep resistance force offered by rail seat against movement of rail for different types of fastening.

3. Track panel fatigue testing machine : 

This machine is used for full-scale track panel under accelerated dynamic loading and analysis of results on computerized data logging system. This equipment was supplied and installed by M/s Carl Schenck Germany in 1993.

5. Track Recording Cars

Track Recording Liability

With existing laid down frequency the track recording liability of IR is approximately 1,95,000 kilometers. 

Fleet of Track Recording Cars

Contact Sensor based Track Recording Cars  :       3 Nos. 

LASER contact less sensor based Track recording Cars :         2 Nos.




Track Recording by TRCs

a)    During the year 2016-17, a total of 85112 track Kilometres have been recorded by track recording Cars. In the current financial year till September 2017 a total of 39033 track Kilometres have been recorded. as per stipulations of IRPWM para No. 606

b)   Replacement of TRC-7972 – Status of work

               i.        Purchase order for procurement of Track Recording System has been place to M/s DMA S.r.l of Italy  on 24.07.2017 and system is expected to be delivered by the firm in last week of April-2018. Letter of credit is being opened.

             ii.        The manufacturing of TRC and Staff car coach for replacement of TRC-7972 has been included in the production plan of MCF/RBL for the year 2017-18 and coaches are expected to be made ready in March-2018 for installation of system being supplied by M/s DMA S.r.l Italy.

            iii.        This TRC will also have facility for measurement of acceleration at axle box level.

c)    Replacement of ORPMS

               i.        It has been decided to replace ORPMS with Integrated Track Geometry Measurement System having following sub systems 

·   Track Geometry Measurement System 

·   Rail Profile measurement System 

·   Acceleration measurement at axle box level

·   Rear window video recording of Track for visual inspection of track features and material on way side in office 

·   Scanning of track components through high resolution and high speed camera to identify the following track component defects

·   Clearance measurement system for identification of obstacle in IR MMD envelop

             ii.        The detail estimate for replacement has been vetted by finance and sanctioned by the competent authority.

            iii.        The specifications of integrated track monitoring system has been prepared and sent to Board for approval in the month of June-2017.

            iv.        Procurement of 02 more similar system has been got sanctioned in the WP of 2017-18 and detail estimate of the same has been vetted by finance and sanctioned by the competent authority.

Current Projects

   1.    Replacement of TRC-797

  2.  Replacement of Optical Rail Profile Measurement System with Integrated Track Geometry Measurement system


  3.  Procurement of 02 additional Integrated Track Geometry Measurement system

   4.      Replacement of Track Recording system of 02 contact sensor based TRC No. 7965 and 7967.







Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 20-10-2017  

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