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Important Achievement of TelecomDirectorate during Last Ten Years

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Important Achievement of TelecomDirectorate during Last Ten Years


Financial Year

Broad Area of Achievement

Title of Achievement

Description of Achievement

Likely Benefits

Current Status of Implementation




Passenger amenity

Integrated Passenger Information System consisting of Train Indication, Coach Guidance and PC based Announcement System at Railway stations

Specification issued covering technical details of IPIS consisting of CCU in redundancy mode loaded with software for announcement, LED boards of different sizes for at a glance display of train ARR/DEP display board, Coach guidance display board, CCTV, main and platform data communication hubs.

Passengers to have clear and distinct information at stations reg. Train number, name of Train, Expected Time, Arrival/ Departure, Platform Number and Coach Indication & announcements related to them.





Passenger Amenity

True Colour Video-cum-Train Information System

Specification issued covering technical details of PC based announcement system and true colour display boards, namely electronic display board, coach guidance display board, indoor video display board and outdoor video display board with the features of networking and operation from a centralized location. Also provides Video display & announcement.

Improved Passenger Information.





Safety &  Reliability

Mobile Train Radio Communication System (GSM-R)

Specification issued covering FRS & SRS for various sub systems of Mobile Train Radio Communication system based on GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications- Railway) Technology and International Standards

 Improved trains operations & safety

Implemented on identified Sections on NR, NCR, ECR, ER, NFR




Passenger Amenities

Development of Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation (SIMRAN)

Development of system & Equipment for determining real time train running information & its dissipation to public

Current status of Train running to passengers

Work sanctioned for all India implementation.





Development of Inter-Station Wireless Backup System

Specification issued covering technical details of equipment for Wireless backup of E1 Link between Two Stations up to a distance of 30-50 Km.

Availability of wireless connectivity between stations as backup

Implemented in certain Sections based on need.





IP Based Video Surveillance System.

Specification issued covering technical details of equipment for indoor & outdoor fixed box type IP cameras, fixed dome type  IP cameras, indoor & outdoor P/T/Z IP dome cameras, single/multi channel video encoders (for existing analog cameras), video management hardware & software, recording servers, switches, colour monitor etc for safety

Surveillance of different locations at Rly. Stations, other locations from a centralized location for improved Security

Implementation under progress.





Explosive Detection and Disposal System.

Specification issued covering technical details of Portable Hand Held Vapor Trace Detector System, Explosive Trace Detector System and Explosive Disposal System consisting of Real Time Viewing System, Water Canon, Blasting Machine, Bomb Blanket, Bomb Basket, Bomb Suit, Car Remote Tool Opening Tool Kit, Drilling Machine, Thermal Cutter, Render safe Procedure (RSP) Tool Kit, Disruptor, Water Jet Disrupter &Hook & Line Set.

Improved Security

Implementation under progress.




Passenger Amenities

Development of Wireless Coach Display Information System(WCIDS) on SIMRAN platform

Development of equipment and system for enabling transmission of data for current train running status inside coaches.

Availability of current status of train running to passengers inside the train.

Trial Project completed.





Accident site communication system

Specification issued covering technical details of Accident Site Communication System

Standardisation of Accident Site Communication Equipment

Partly Implemented.





Personal & Baggage Screening System

Specification issued covering technical details for Personal and Baggage Screening System consist ofHand Held Metal Detector, Door Frame Metal Detector & Body Screening System.

Improved Security

Implementation under progress.





Unmanned LC Gate Warning System ) on SIMRAN platform

Development of system and equipment for transmitting current train status to LC Gate for audio-visual warning  of an approaching train to road users.

Warning to road users of an approaching train at LC Gate

Trials under progress





Gangmen Warning System on SIMRAN platform

Development of system & equipment for transmitting current train running status to Gangman for audio visual warning of an approaching train

Warning to Gangman of an approaching train

Product development under progress.

13. 2015-16 Passenger safety Railway security IP Based  Video Surveillance System IP Based Video Surveillance System consisting of Full HD and Ultra HD Cameras to be provided at various locations of Railway Stations and other Railway establishments. This will enhance passenger security scenario at Railway stations. Provision of CCTV will also help in monitoring other applications like crowd management & cleanliness etc. The specification is issued to Railways. Railtel is also utilizing this specification for providing CCTV 900 stations on Indian Railway under Nirbhaya Fund.




VHF Based approaching train warning system for track maintainer

Specification framed covering the technical requirement and functional requirement for giving advance warning of approaching train to the maintenance staff working in the mid section

Reduce the run over cases of track maintenance staff by giving advance warning of approaching train

Four vendors developed





Framed specification for VHF sets to be used in Indian Railways

Better quality of VHF sets for use in Indian Railways

Certification finalised




IP Based Video  Surveillance system

The Specification of IP based Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System in Coaches of Indian Railways covers technical specification and requirement of IP based CCTV Surveillance Systems in Coaches consisting of Fixed Dome IP colour Camera, Video Recorder Unit, System Software, Managed PoE Ethernet Switch and Wi-fi Access Point etc. for Surveillance in Coaches of passenger trains of Indian Railway.

Improved Security

The specification has been finalized and issued to Railways for procurement and installation of material as per specification





Recent Achievements 



1) Integrated power Supply for Telecom equipment

2) Cable Jointing kit ( Gel Based)

3 ) Integrated Passenger Information System

4 )True Colour video- cum – train information display system

5) IP Based Video Surveillance System

6) Datacom equipments

7) LC Gate Control and Monitoring System ( Wired& & Wireless)

8) Electronic LC Gate Telephone System ( With Voice logging)

9) Internet on running train ( two-way satellite comm.)

10) HDPE duct

11) Point to Point Wireless System

12) Accident Site Communication System ( VSAT based)

13) VoIP Based Train Control Communication System

14) VHF Based Approaching train Warning System for track maintainers

15) IP based Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System in Coaches of lndian Railways

16) VHF set to be used on Indian Railway







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