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Test for measuring your Concentration

This is a test to find out how quickly you can compare two numbers and decide whether or not they are the same. If the numbers are the same, darken the circle ‘Y’ otherwise darken ‘N’ on your answer sheet. Do not make any marks on the booklet. Try to solve following practice problems.

                                                        1.   589       = 589
                                                  2.   2768     = 2786
                                                  3.   36463   = 36462
                                                  4.   712963 = 712963
                                                  5.   487562 = 487652

 The answer for above questions are ‘Y’, ‘N’, ‘N’, ‘Y’ and ‘N’ respectively.

Test for measuring your Perceptual Speed

This is a test of how rapidly and accurately you can see objects in order to match them. Look at the first Bus at the left. Which one of the five at the right is most nearly like it? Bus ‘C’ is the one.
Look at the second Bus at the left. Which Bus at the right is most nearly like it? Bus ‘D’ is the correct answer.     




Now find most nearly matching the third and fourth ones at the left. You will find that the correct answer of Bus No.3 is ‘A’ and that fourth is ‘B’.

Test for measuring your Personality

1. I prefer people who are
   A) reserved
   B) in between
   C) make friends quickly

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