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Motive Power

Welcome to Motive Power Directorate

Role of the Directorate

Motive Power Directorate is engaged in designs and standards works related with diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives. Important accomplishment ranges from Indigenisation of a large number of diesel locomotive components, establishment of special maintenance code in areas with reliability problems, evolving and adopting standards. The main activities of the directorate are as under:

  • Design and development of diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives, 700 HP diesel hydraulic multiple units, 700 HP & 1400 HP diesel electric multiple units, 1600 HP DEMU, BG, MG & NG rail buses, 140-ton diesel hydraulic breakdown cranes, re-railing equipments and rescue devices.
  • Design and development of mechanical assemblies, bogies, under- gear, brake-gear, under frame and superstructure for diesel electric locomotives.
  • Development and standardisation of locomotive systems, spares / components and sub-assemblies.
  • Technical investigation into operational and maintenance problems of Railways.
  • Providing technical consultancy to Railway Management and other Public Sector Undertakings in matters connected with Diesel Traction.
  • Acquisition and assimilation of state-of-the-art technology in the field of diesel locomotives and accident management equipments, e.g. 5500/6000 HP locomotive, 140 T Break down Crane.
  • Development and Indigenisation of locomotive equipments / spares / components.
  • Nodal directorate for issue of speed certificates for all types of rolling stock.


Organisation Chart

Brief Achievements during 2020 & 2021

  • Design Review and Development of Advance Technology High Horse Power Diesel Locomotive of 6000 Hp (WDG6G)
  • Design, development and supply of AC-AC 3000 HP Cape Gauge diesel locomotives for Mozambique Railways
  • Development of 4500 HP WDAP5 Dual Mode locomotive
  • Development of a Web portal “Gati Pravah” for Rolling Stock Sanction Management
  • Development of State of the Art “Runtrain” Simulation Software Programme
  • Design & development of Fabricated SG Bogie for old serviceable HHP Loco
  • Development of Technical Specification of Tunnel Rescue Trains
  • Revision of Schedule of Diesel Locos and DEMUs
  • Design of Fabricated SG Bogie for old serviceable HHP Loco
  • Development of technical specification of 1750t-m (175T) Capacity Telescopic type Jib crane for IR & DFC
  • Issues of Report on Measures to improve APU Utilization
  • Development of Specification of ‘TRI-NETRA’ - Terrain imaging for locomotive dRivers - INfra-red, Enhanced opTical & Rangefinder Assisted
  • Issue of Specification for 3-Coach Diesel Electric High Speed Self-Propelled Accident Relief Train (HS SPART) with 160 kmph
  • Design Review and Development of Advance Technology Diesel Locomotive of 4500 Hp (WDG4G)
  • Design & Development of Standard Gauge Bogie for Export Locomotive for speed potential of 120kmph
  • Up-gradation of speed of WAP7 locomotive upto 160kmph by making it light weight
  • No. of final Speed Certificate issued for Rolling Stock-16


Current Assignment

  • Development of Terrain Imaging for locomotive dRivers - INfra-red, Enhanced opTical & Rangefinder Assisted (TRINETRA)
  • Technical Inputs for Conversion of WDG4 diesel locomotive to WAG11 Version 4 Electric locomotive using E-locker of WDAP5 (Dual Mode) loco
  • Development of Critical Brake valves of IRAB system
  • Design and development of meter gauge bogie for 3000 HP AC-AC Traction diesel electric locomotive for export to Malaysia
  • Design and development of cape gauge 2300 HP AC-DC Traction diesel electric locomotive for export to Africa- in association with BLW
  • Implementation of “Gati Pravah” Rolling Stock Sanction Management Portal
  • Integration of TCAS on Diesel Locomotives and Development of Brake Interface Unit (BIU) for CCB Air brake System.
  • Integration of TCAS on Conventional Electric Locomotives
  • Development of 1750t-m(175T) Capacity Telescopic type Jib crane for IR & DFC
  • Development of Tunnel Rescue Train (TRT)
  • Development of 3-coach Diesel-Electric High-Speed Self-propelled Accident Relief Train (HS SPART) with maximum speed of 160 km/h. 
  • Up-gradation of Technical Specification of Hydraulic Rescue Devices and Development of Indigenous Capability.
  • Development of Detailed Inspection Plan for recertification of Breakdown cranes post codal life of 36 Years.


Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 07-10-2021  

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