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M & C Directorate can provide consultancy in the fields indicated below


  1. Metallurgical consultancy for standardization and framing of specification of different railways item like, Rail, Wheel, Electric loco gears & pinion, Hot coiled helical springs, SGCI Insert.
  2. Metallurgical consultancy for quality improvement of Railway items.
  3. Standardization and check of QAP for manufacturing of RAIL, Wheel, Thick web switches (TWS), ISEJ, spring setting device (SSD), CMS crossing etc.
  4. Prototype developmental inspection of Rail, Wheel, CTRB, CMS crossing, SSD, TWS, ISEJ, Loco bogie frame etc.
  5. Standardization and check of QAP and WPSS for fabrication of steel bridge superstructure.  
  6. Welders performance certification and inspection of welded steel bridge superstructure.
  7. Non-destructive examination of components by ultrasound, MPT, DPT etc.
  8. Standardisation of test procedure for non-destructive examination.
  9. Standardisation of ultrasonic testing equipments and its accessories.
  10. Metallurgical failure analysis to pinpoint cause of failure and arrive at appropriate remedial measures to prevent same type of failure in future.
  11. Selection of materials for instance metals, alloys, paints, lubricants, polymers, welding electrodes etc.
  12. Weld reclamation of critical components and process standardisation.
  13. Standardisation of welding procedure for fabrication of critical components.
  14. Consultancy related to welding consumables and welding techniques to Track Dte, Carriage Dte, Wagon Dte and other Zonal Railways/Workshops etc.
  15. Corrosion prevention and corrosion mechanism.
  16. Evaluation of paints, lubricants, rubber, plastics welding electrodes etc, for various application
  17. Training and certification in the field of ultrasonic examination, welding technology, failure analysis and corrosion prevention
  18. Running, gating and rising of ferrous and non-ferrous castings.
  19. Rail welding technology using Alumino-thermic process, flash butt welding, gas pressure welding.




Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-08-2019  

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