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Master List of Special Maintenance Instructions(Available also from 2015)


Updation of Fresh list of All SMIs is going on  



SMI no.



File No.

1. SMI/1 Fitting  of Nuts, bolts screws 9.12.77 EL/3.2.104
2.  SMI/2  Locking of special lock nuts on bottom inspection cover of TAO 659 TM  3.1.78  EL/3.2.99
3.  SMI/3 (Rev 1)  Procedure for rewinding the auxiliary motors  30.11.2000  EL/3.2.70
4. SMI/4 Adjustment of contact gaps of QAC/QDC relay type RBGK max of M/s BBC Switzerland SKEL 2759 7.12.77 EL/3.2.87
5. SMI/5   Procedure for connecting lead wire from winding fans motor  21.12.77  EL/3.2.70/D4
6. SMI/6  Resurfacing of commutator of traction motor  30.12.77  EL/3.6.15/I2
7.  SMI/7  Providing of essential running clearance between the axle toothed ring of the oil pump drive of the suspension bearing drive of the suspension bearing of TAO 659 motor and the recess provided in the suspension bearing cap.  27.5.78  EL/3.2.52/DB2
 8.   SMI/8  Checking and tightening of inter coil bolted connection of imported smoothing rector type SL42.SKEL.2761  17.2.78  EL/3.2.3
 9.  SMI/9  Checking upto clearance between the interlock operator (inter lock arm) and bottom fixing screw of the connector assembly of 22PC E-P contactor of BHEL/AEI make SKEL-2795.  6.2.78  EL/3.2.52/D6
 10.  SMI/10  Procedure for cleaning air strainer (type-T) SKEL-2804  16.2.78  EL/3.2.112
 11.  SMI/11  Procedure for cleaning the pneumatic pipelines of the electric locomotives byblowing through  16.2.78  EL/3.2.112
 12.  SMI/12  Periodical replacement of selenium field excitation rectifier (OREX)  on motor   alternator set of M/s KEC Bangalore  22.2.78  EL/3.2.28
 13.  SMI/13  Tightening and locking of gripping ring  in traction motor SKEL 2847  6.4.78  EL/3.2.5/B1
 14.  SMI/15  Sealing of tapped holes for terminal insulator of TAO 659 TM  19/26.4.78  EL/3.2.82/DB1
 15.  SMI/16 Fits and limits on bearing of auxiliary motor used on electric locomotive  3.5.78  EL/2.248/J2
 16.  SMI/17  Breakage of manual drive taper pin of tap changer N32 HBB make  25.5.78  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 17.  SMI/18  Malfunctioning of modified control lever (Pt.No.45) (SKEL-2812/A4) of tap changer N32 HBB make  25.5.78  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 18.  SMI/19 Breakage of mechanandus pins of DJ type 30 I 250 HBB make  29.5.78  EL/2.2.2/DC2
 19.  SMI/20  Sluggish operation of SMGR (Pt.No.2303)  25.5.78  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 20.  SMI/21  Breakage of support block of aux.switches at the fixing point in N-32 tap changer HBB make and master controller CLW make  14.6.78  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 21.  SMI/22  Sticking of tap changer in between notches  14.6.78  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 22.  SMI/23 Procedure for bearing clearances of  free bearing that is bearing off the machine.  May 1978  EL/2.2.48/J2
 23.  SMI/24 Locking of contact grooves of moving contact carrier assembly ZSMGR(N-32 tap changer)  9.6.78  EL/3.2.30/ECS
 24.  SMI/25 Milli volt drop or  micro ohm resistance test on traction motor  24.7.78  EL/3.6.15/DB1
 25.  SMI/26 Prevention against earthing flashing  BENI  air pressure relay  23.8.78  EL/3.2.10/3/E4
 26.  SMI/27 Slackening of roof insulator in metal cap  8.8.78  EL/2.2.21/DC2
 27.  SMI/28 Maintenance of fenner cushion coupling type FM-15/FM-17  11.8.78  EL/3.2.124/J2
 28.  SMI/29 Resurfacing of commutators speed, feed, tools  16.9.78  EL/3.6.15/DB
 29.   SMI/30 Cleaning of interlock contact of E.P. Contact E.M. Contactors, changeover switch reverser master controller tap changer etc.  1.9.78  EL/3.2.52.DC2
 30.  SMI/31 Under cutting & chamfering of traction motor commutator  23.10.78  EL/3.6.15/J2
 31.  SMI/32 Procedure for fixing the socket with the lead wires of auxiliary motor  29.11.78  EL/3.2.70/J2
 32. SMI/33 Re-bushing of worn out threaded hole in the stator of TAO 659 traction motor  10.5.78  EL/3.2.65/J2
 33. SMI/34 Cleaning of flexible contacts of traction motor  27.11.78  EL/3.2.127/DB1
 34. SMI/35  Reforming of selenium stack  2.2.79  EL/3.2.28/2/EC2
35. SMI/36 Testing of polarised selenium surge suppressor type C-125L of M/s Westing house used across rectifier diode on frequency regulator of AEI make 2.2.79 EL/3.2.28/2/EC2
36. SMI/37 Testing of polarised selenium surge suppressor type C-186, 106C on frequency regulator of M/s AEI used with motor alternator set. 2.2.79 EL/3.2.28/2/EC2
37. SMI/38 Testing of three phase selenium rectifier (OREX) used on generator field excitation circuit of motor alternator set. 2.2.79 EL.3.2.78/2/EC2
 38.  SMI/39 Checking of air flow in the commutator chamber of TAO 659  10.1.79  EL/3.523/J2
 39.  SMI/40 Malfunctioning of main value   (Part No.80) of DJ type  30 I 250 HBB make  19.3.79  EL/2.2.2/DC2
 40.  SMI/41 Improving the insulation of the stator internal connection of TAO-659  20.1.79  EL/3.5.23/DB
 41.  SMI/42 Non-interchangeability of BHRR of TAO 659  22.1.79  EL/3.5.23/DB
 42.  SMI/43 Brushing of arc chamber and resistance insulator of DJ type   30I250 HBB make  3.4.79  EL/2.2.2/DC2
 43.  SMI/44 Reconditioning of resistor assembly (Pt.No.7120) of DJ type 30 i 250 HBB make  20.3.79  EL/2.2.2/DC2
 44.  SMI/45 Breakage of roll pin of the isolator mechanism of DJ type 30 I 250 HBB make  21.3.79  EL/2.2.2/DC2
 45.  SMI/46 Sticking of control  lever guide pin  27.3.79  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 46.  SMI/47 Malfunctioning of reducing valve   11.4.79  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 47.  SMI/48 Adjustment of lead angle of control cylinder   28.3.79  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 48.  SMI/49   Lubricants to be used  26.3.79  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 49.  SMI/50 Testing of contact pressure of CGRI, II and III  30.3.79  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 50.  SMI/51  Bar to bar conductor resistance and equaliser resistance test on  Traction Motors.  30.4.1979  EL/3.2.120/DB1
 51.  SMI/52 Reduction in the entry of gear compound into the bearing of 253 BX 133 AY traction motor  5.5.79  EL/4.5.21
 52.  SMI/53 Insulation scheme using class H material at the lead of armature coils in traction motor  5.6.79  EL/3.5.24/DB1
 53.  SMI/54 Armature coil forming and conductor taping for TM type EE514(2C,2D)  5.6.79  EL/3.5.24/DB1
54.  SMI/55 DC damping unit resister failure SKEL-3177 6.10.79 EL/3.5.27/EC2
55. SMI/56 Minimising wire wound potentiometer failures 21.6.79 EL/3.2.133
56.  SMI/57  Repair procedure for side load pads of WAM 4 locos showing cracks or breakage in the weldments securing these pads with the under frame  29.6.79  EL/3.1.3/D4
 57.  SMI/58 Condition monitoring of bearings  20.7.79  EL/8.11.12/DB3
 58.  SMI/59 Testing of solenoids  12.2.79  EL/2.2.51/DC1
 59.  SMI/60 Discontinuing high voltage dielectric tests on over hauled traction motor  21.12.79  EL/3.2.95/DB1
 60.  SMI/61 Burning of head light transformer of M/s Light equipment 5.2.80 EL/2.2.65/DC2
 61.  SMI/62 Tightening of electrical connection between GR-CGR-RGR of tap changer type N-32 HBB make  5.2.80  EL/3.2.30/DC2
 62.  SMI/63  Flashing of tap changer type N-32 HBB make  25.7.80   EL/3.2.30/DC2
 63.  SMI/64  Static balance procedure for panto type AM-12 type AM-18  8.2.80  EL/3.2.30
 64.  SMI/65  Instruction for proper maintenance English Electric relays for rolling stock application  22.3.80  EL/3.2.10/5 EC1
 65.  SMI/66 Varnishes for rewinding of class F  T.M.  27.6.80  EL/3.5.24/DB1
 66.  SMI/67 Silicon diode testing  16.9.80  EL/3.2.2/EC2
 67.  SMI/68  Silicon rectifier maintenance diode forward voltage drop classification  20.8.80  EL/3.2.2/EC2
 68.  SMI/69  Solenoids coils are used in large numbers of electric railway stock on EP/EM contactors, Relays etc.  31.7.80  EL/2.2.51/5 DAC
 69.  SMI/70  Silicon rectifier maintenance mounting of diode on heat sink  20.8.80  EL/3.2.2/SI/EC2
 70.  SMI/71  Silicon rectifier maintenance core of diode and heat sink  20.8.80  EL/3.2.2/SI/EC2
 71.  SMI/72  Lubrication to be used for pantograph pan on AC electric locomotives  26.08.80  EL/3.2.53
 72.  SMI/73  Instruction for proper fixing of nylon insert in limit switch roller assembly of Siemens BL key box  27.10.80  EL/3.2.53/EC2
 73.  SMI/74  Maintenance instruction for ensuring complete snapaction of Siemens switch type K-138 (16 Amp) for loco application  22.10.80  EL/3.2.53/EC2
 74.  SMI/75  Ensuring proper raising & lowering PT type AM-12  26.12.80  EL/2.2.1/DC2
 75.  SMI/76  Condition monitoring of fuses  27.2.81  EL/3.2.152
 76.  SMI/77  Rewinding of induction motor  22.4.81  EL/3.2.70
 77.  SMI/78  Fitment of outer race bearing in the bearing housing  2.5.81  EL/2.2.48
 78.  SMI/79  Testing/checking of new bearing for auxiliary motor  11.6.81  EL/2.2.48
 79.  SMI/80  Lubricant to be used for tap changer type No.32 M/s HBB make  12.6.81  EL/3.2.30/JCG1
 80.  SMI/81  Lubricant to be used for DJ type DBTF 30 I  250  3.7.81  EL/2.2.2/JCG
 81.  SMI/82  Roller contact force in tap changer No. 32  7.7.81  EL/3.2.30/JCG
 82.  SMI/83  Instruction for Siemens programme switch for ZPT application  25.7.81  EL/3.2.53/2
83.  SMI/84  Procedure for drying out of TAO 659 TM  29.08.81  EL/3.2.160/TM2
84.  SMI/85  Specification for wearing strips for pantograph type AM-12  14.9.81  EL/2.1.25
85.  SMI/86  (Rev ’1’)  Procedure for impregnation of induction motor  29.11.2000  EL/3.2.70
86.  SMI/87  Puller for extracting  traction motor cooling blower  15.10.82  EL/3.2.70
87.  SMI/88  Oil leakage through 3-way cock of tapchanger No.32 HBB make SKEL-3458  29.3.82  EL/3.2.30
88.  SMI/89  Rewinding of NGEF make traction motor cooling blower motor (MVMT) type AZ-200 MKZ with brazed rotor and die cast rotors  24/25.8.82  EL/3.2.48/JTMU
89.  SMI/90  Tightening of electrical connection of load switch (tap changer No.32)  15.9.82  EL/3.2.30
90.  SMI/91  Removal of Emalite paint from inside surface of air receiver (Part No.2023) of air blast circuit breaker HBB make  1.9.82  EL/2.2.2
91.  SMI/92  Impeller modification for HBB make MCP type K51 d2/H  15.10.82  EL/3.2.92/JTMU
92.  SMI/93  Bearing scheme for HBB make MCP  15.10.82  EL/3.2.92/JTMU
93.  SMI/94  Hard chrome plating of bearing/housing shafts of auxiliary machines  15.10.82  EL/3.2.48/JTMU
94.  SMI/95  Excessive bearing nose on compressor motor type K51d/H of HBB make and M/s cerlikon make.  Oct. 1982  EL/3.2.92/JMU
95.  SMI/96 New bearing schemes for siemens & NGEF make MVMTS  15.10.82  EL/3.2.48/JTMU
96.  SMI/98  Special instruction for rewinding and repairs to mechanical components of 3-phase ac auxiliary motor (Superseded vide SMI/185 on Feb 1997)  16.10.82  EL/3.2.70/TMU
97.  SMI/99  Fits and limits on auxiliary motor bearing and modification to associate components for MPV MCP, MVSI & MVSL motor fitted on AC electric load  15.10.82  EL/3.2.48/JTMU
98.  SMI/100  Gasket for cylinder heads of compressor / exhauster & pipe flanges for vac & comp.air circuit  2.12.82  EL/3.2.15
99.  SMI/101  Method for confirming that the pin is nitrided and procedure for replacement of journal pin (Pt.No.451) Tap changer No.2 type HBB make.  29.10.82  EL/3.2.30/JCG
100.  SMI/102  Procedure for repairing the defective welds of transformers fitted on AC electric loco  22.12.82  EL/3.2.1
101.  SMI/105  Lubrication to groove of piston skirt (Pt.2304) of Tap Changer type No.32 HBB make.  8.4.83  EL/3.2.30
102.  SMI/106  Cleaning of the selector after 10,000 km  run of tap changer No.32 HBB make  10.6.83  EL/3.2.30
103.  SMI/108  Setting of simplified battery charger on AC electric locomotives for 110 V DC battery (50 cells)  12.12.83  EL/3.2.12/Thy
104.  SMI/109  Setting of battery charger type BCF3, BCF6 and BCF7 of M/s Control and drives make and provided on AC locomotives for 110V battery (50cells)  17.12.83  EL/3.2.12/1
105.  SMI/110  Silicon  grease treatment on the insulators of circuit breaker type DBTF 30 I 250  5.12.83  EL/2.2.2
106.  SMI/110A  Silicon  grease treatment on roof line, panto mounting and pantograph insulation  17.5.83  EL/2.2.2CG
107.  SMI/111  Change of traction motor speed winding of exhauster motor (MPV) from 6pole to 4 pole enameled wire windings.  Dec. 1983  EL/3.2.70
108.  SMI/112  Maintenance instruction for electric loco and EMU battery (lead acid type) of 90A and 75 Ah capacity at 5 hr. rate covered by IS:7660  3.2.84  EL/6.7.8
111.  SMI/115  Use of fire retardant paint for equipment complete of EMU  21.2.84  EL/4.3.25
112.  SMI/116  Maintenance of pantograph wearing  strips on 25 KV  AC electric multiple units  22.3.84  EL/2.2.25
113.  SMI/117  Breakage of  needle bearing roller (Pt. 2311) of tap changer type No.32 of HBB make  4.4.84  EL/3.2.30/CG
114.  SMI/118  Tightening of connecting terminal (1206) with cut (1207) on contact pins (1208 & 1209) of tap changer No.32 of HBB make  5.5.84  EL/3.2.30
115.  SMI/119  Periodic application of lubricating oil on balance wheel of clock mechanism of BBC make time  lag  relay Q44, Q118, etc.  23.5.84  EL/3.2.10/Gen
116.  MI/120  Maintenance of main transformer oil in service  23.11.84  EL/3.2.1/3
117  SMI/121  Revised characteristics for new insulation oil for locomotive/EMU transformer and additional tests for maintenance of oil in service  6.2.85  EL/3.2.1/3/J6
118.  SMI/122  Additional insulation over tap leads  22.4.85  EL/3.2.1/2/J6
119.  SMI/123 Torque values to be adopted for core bolts of loco transformers  22.4.85  EL/3.2.1/2/J6
120.  SMI/124  Specification for cork sheet gasket  22.4.85  EL/3.2.1/2/J6
121.  SMI/125  Primer and paint to be used for freight loco transformer  22.4.85  EL/3.2.1/2/J6
   RDSO/2006/EL/SMI/0242(Rev.1)  Maintenance Practices of Under slung Compressor mounted on WAP-5, WAP-7 & WAG-9 class of Electric Locomotive to avoid falling down of the compressor unit on line. Standardization of safety sling arrangement of under slung compressor mounted on WAP-5, WAP-7 & WAG-9 class of Electric Locomotive.  03.05.2016  EL/3.2.15/3-phase
 --- RDSO/2006/EL/SMI/0242(Rev.1)

Maintenance Practices of Under slung Compressor mounted on WAP-5, WAP-7 & WAG-9 class of Electric Locomotive to avoid falling down of the compressor unit on line. Standardization of safety sling arrangement of under slung compressor mounted on WAP-5, WAP-7 & WAG-9 class of Electric Locomotive.





Maintenance of Axle Box Bearing for WAP7 and WAG9/WAG9H Locos.





Maintenance instructions of Brake Hanger for WAP7 & WAG9 Electric


EL/ 3.1.35/2



Maintenance instruction for TM mounting arrangement for 6FRA 6068 type traction motor  used WAP7/WAG9/WAG9H locomotives.


EL/3.1.35/2 (Brake Lever)



Use of increased capacity silica gel breathers in N-32 tap changers and transformers of conventional electric locomotives to meet the requirement of increased periodicity of schedule maintenance.





Review of setting of Relay Q20 to reduce the traction motor flashing cases.





Re-application of RTV 1080 sealant in Schneider make VCBs fitted in conventional and 3-phase locomotives.



--- RDSO/2016/EL/SMI/0286(Rev.0)

Special Maintenance Instruction for maintenance of filters of Oil Cooling Blower (OCB), Machine Room Blower (MRB) and Traction Motor Blower (TMB) for 3- phase Electric Locomotives

09.06.2016  EL/3.2.176/2

Special Maintenance Instruction for maintenance of Radiators of Oil Cooling Unit of 3- Phase Electric Locomotives.

09.06.2016 EL/3.2.176/2

Technical Scope of work for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Microprocessor based Control & fault diagnostic System (MPCS)

21.06.2016 EL/4.2.15/AMC

Technical scope of works for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Microprocessor based Electronic Speed cum Energy Monitoring System (ESMON) fitted in Electric Locomotives and EMUs/MEMUs.

21.06.2016 EL/2.2.9/10

Technical Scope of work for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)of vigilance control device (VCD)to be used in 25kv ac tap changer locomotive.

21.06.2016 EL/3.1.14

Technical Scope of work for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)of 180 KVA Static Inverter (SIV)fitted in conventional tap changer electric locomotives.

21.06.2016 EL/

Special Maintenance Instructions (SMI) for AM-92 and IR-03H type Pantograph.

27.06.2016 EL/2.2.1/1
  RDSO/2016/EL/SMI/0293(Rev.0) Special Maintenance Instructions for roof mounted air conditioning system for cabs of Electric Locomotives. 29.07.2016 EL/3.1.10/2

 Technical Scope of work for Annual Maintenance Contaract(AMC) of GTO based Traction Converter(SR), Auxiliary converters (BUR) and MICAS based Vehicle control unit (VCU) of Three Phase Locomotives





Special Maintenance Instruction for maintenance of Distributed Power Wireless Control System(DPWCS) for AC Tap-changer & 3- Phase Electric Locomotives.





Standardisation of scheduled maintenance practices for 1750 lpm capacity lubricated reciprocating compressors for Electric Locomotives.





Operational, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of 2x500 kVA, IGBT based Hotel Load Converter of WAP7 locomotives




Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-09-2016  

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