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Electric Loco

Welcome to Electrical Directorate


Role and Activities:

Design, Development of various kinds of electric Locomotives and their equipment’s, along with development of new Locomotives and its equipment’s with modern technology. Directorate works in co-ordination with ZR’s/PU’s in improving reliability of Electric Locomotive and their equipment’s by issuing necessary technical instructions. Capacity cum Capability Assessment & Type testing jointly with PU’s for TM, Propulsion system, VCU &Transformer of 3-phase Locomotives. Development of venders for various items like Brake system, Bearings, Rubber items, HRPT, New Technology items etc. Carry out simulation study for Haulage capacity of different types of Locomotives in different conditions i.e. Load, Gradient, Curve, Speed etc.


Organization Chart:     


Brief Achievements (2020- Aug’2021):

  1. Development of Regenerative Braking in WAG-7 Locomotive: The existing WAG-7 locomotive provided with air brake & dynamic brake system. During dynamic braking rotational energy of motor wasted across resistance, hence, to avoid wastage of power the concept of  Regenerative braking in WAG-7 Locomotive has been developed by converting rotational energy of motor into electrical energy and return back to OHE & successfully commissioned in two Loco 24517 (ELS/JHS) & 24581 (ELS/LDH).
  2. EP assisted Brake system for 3-phase Locomotives: The EP assisted system enabled simultaneous application and release of brake in coaches along whole length of train and locomotive. It reduces braking distance, brake application and release time. The final Specification for EP assist Brake System for 3-phase Locomotive issued on April/2018. Purchase order for 20 sets EP brake system issued by CLW. Location plan for fitment of various assembly/subassembly of EP brake system of M/s KBIL & FTRIL in WAP-7 Locomotive has been jointly decided on 23/7/21.
  3. Design Review and Development of 12000 HP (WAG12B) locomotives: Review of Design and development of modified 12000 HP Locomotive (Designated as WAG-12B) has been done successfully. Final speed certificate of WAG-12B Locomotive for operation with maximum speed of 120 Kmph over IR has been issued after successful oscillation and Emergency Braking Distance trial. At present there is total population of 118 no WAG-12B over IR.
  4. Up Gradation of 6000 HP (WAG-9H/HC) Locomotive to 9000 HP, WAG-9HH Locomotive: Under ‘Make in India’ ideology, Up gradation of 6000 HP (WAG-9H/HC) locomotive to 9000HP (WAG-9HH) locomotive has been done using up gradation kit i.e. new transformer, Propulsion system and Traction motor. Three Loco has been manufactured & all performance test trial has been successfully completed on Loco no. 90001, 90002.
  1. Development of Functionally Equivalent PCB cards of GTO based converter and Micas VCU: In order to ensure smooth and reliable operation of about 700 Locomotives equipped with GTO based Propulsion system and Micas- S2 based VCU. The project for development of functionally equivalent PCB cards for GTO based 3-phase Loco has been launched. Two developmental sources has been identified for its development and about 13 types of PCB cards out of total 30 types has been developed and its prototype testing done.
  2. LED head light for Electric Locomotives: To exploit the advantage of LED light over halogen lamp due its better illumination, enhance visibility, burning hours and lower power consumption the specification for LED headlight for Electric Locomotive has been issued. The development of LED headlight has been done successfully and under field trial.


Current Assignments in hand:

  1. End of Train Telemetry System (EoTT : The project has been launched to increase loading capacity by removing brake-van and replacing Guard with EOTT. Six sets of EoTT of three different make are under field trials in SER & ECoR.
  2. Development of High Reach Pantograph (HRPT): The advent of double– stacked container transportation has changed the entire freight industry worldwide. Indian Railway also starts hauling double stack container rake under high rise OHE (normal height 7.57 meter above RL) using HRPT.


Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 22-09-2021  

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