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  As per Revised Procedure order No.1 of 2019 issued by Finance & Accounts Directorate of RDSO Technical document/Codes & Manuals Given below will be charged @ 100/- per page plus the cost of drawings etc. as per rate separately circulated by Executive Director Standards/Wagon. for requirement of copies of these document please contact as per address given on the web portal of B&S directorate on RDSO website.

Master list of Codes/Manuals issued by B&S Directorate is as below.



S. No.

Name of document

 Amendment no./Correction slip no./Revision no.


IRS Bridge Rule

Adopted -1941, Revised-1964, Reprinted - 1989,  Second Reprinting – 2008, Third Reprinting 2014

(Incorporating A&C Slip upto 46) 

A&C slip no 47,48 &49



IRS Concrete  Bridge  Code 

(Code of Practice for Plain, Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete for General Bridge Construction),

Adopted-1936,First revision- 1962,Second revision – 1997 Reprint - September 2014

(Incorporating A&C 1 to 13) 

A&C slip No 1 to 9


IRS Bridge Sub-Structures  and  Foundation   Code 

(Code of  Practice for the Design  of  Sub-Structure and Foundations of  Bridges) Adopted-1936, First Revision -1985, Second Revision - 2013 (Incorporating A&C Slip Upto 29)

A&C slip No 1 to 9


IRS Steel Bridge Code     
(Code of Practice for the Design of Steel or Wrought Iron Bridges Carrying Rail, Road or pedestrian Traffic), Adopted-1941. Revised-1962, Reprinted-2017(Incorporating A&C slip 1 to 21) 

A&C no. 22


IRS  Welded  Bridge  Code

(Code   Practice for Metal arc Welding in Mild  Steel Bridges  carrying  Rail, Rail-cum-Road or  Pedestrian traffic) Adopted-1972, Revised-2001)


A&C slip No.1 & 2




Fabrication  and  Erection  of  Steel Girder  Bridges  and     Locomotive Turntables     Fabrication specifications

(Serial No.B-1/2001) Adopted-1934, Last version 2001, Reprinted – 2008 (Incorporating A&C Slip   upto  4)

A&C slip No 5 to.11



Arch Bridge Code

(Indian railway Standard Code of practice for the design and construction of masonry and plain concrete arch bridges)

Adopted – 1941

Revised – 1962

A&C slip No.7 to 9



Indian railway Standard Code of practice for the structural design of Microwave towers of Self Supporting type (Self Supporting microwave tower code)

Adopted – 1974

Revised – 1982

A&C Slip No. 1



Indian railway Standard Code of practice for the Fabrication and erection of steel work of microwave Towers -Self Supporting Type

 Adopted - 1979

A&C Slip No. 1


Manual on the Design and Construction of well and pile Foundations-1985

A&C Slip No.1 to 3


Indian Railway Standard Code for Earthquake resistant Design of Railway Bridges (Seismic Code)

Adopted - 2017




Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-08-2021  

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