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  1. Booklet on Regulated cum Emergency battery Charger (RBC/EBC) of LHB coaches 
  2. विद्धुत स्थापनाओं के लिए अनरुक्षण मुक्त अर्थिङ्ग पर हस्त पुस्तिका
  3. Pamphlet on safety precautions for stabling and securing of Trains
  4. Poster on safety Instructions for users while using Escalators
  5. Pamphlet on safety precautions for stabing and securing of Trains- Hindi
  1. Calendar on Precautions to avoid Signal Passing at Danger (SPAD)
  2. Handbook on Oil Cooling Blower (OCB) of Three Phase Electric Locomotives
  3. Pamphlet on Important PSI parameters
  4. Safety Pamphlet on movement of ODC (Over Dimensional Consignment) in Electrified section
  5. Pamphlet on storage and handling of lubricants for locomotives/EMUs
  6. Introductory handbook on Train Set (Electrical)
  7. Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Submersible pump
  8. Calendar on Energy Conservation Tips
  1. CAMTECH Recommendations on Syllabus for Initial Training of SSE/JE –TRS
  2. CAMTECH Recommendations on Procedure Order for Composite Tender Work for Building Wiring
   3. CAMTECH Recommendations on Presentation slides for course contents of Protection System, TPC and RC
   4. CAMTECH Recommendations on Presentation slides for course contents of three phase loco -Introduction
      & Brief description
   5. CAMTECH Recommendations on Presentation slides for course contents of conventional loco - electrical items
  6.  Presentation slides for Course contents of Three phase loco-System
   7.  Presentation slides for Course contents of Conventional Loco- mechanical items 
   8.   Handbook on Inspection of OHE
   9.   Presentation slides for course contents of three phase loco – Vehicle opeartion & Fault
  10.  Presentation slides for course contents of conventional loco – pneumatic items
   1.   Pocketbook on condition monitoring of Lightening Arrester (LA)
   2.  Databank of important guidelines, letters, instructions, circulars etc. for OHE 
  3.  Video lecture on OHE Feeder Protection for 3rd Line  
  4.  Handbook on Use of Thermo Vision Camera   
  5.  Draft CAMTECH recommendation on syllabus for initial training for JEs/SSEs (Electrical) General Services (Power  and  TL & AC)
  6. CAMTECH recommendation on Syllabus & presentation slides for Foundation Course (common to all SSE/ JE)
  7. CAMTECH recommendation on syllabus for initial training for JEs/SSEs (Electrical) for General Services (Power Supply)
  8.  CAMTECH recommendation on Class room presentation slides for course contents for Coaching TL & AC
  9.  Draft CAMTECH recommendation on syllabus for initial training for JEs/SSEs (Electrical) for Traction Distribution
 10. CAMTECH recommendation on Class room presentation slides for course contents for General Services (Power Supply)
 11. CAMTECH recommendation on Class room presentation slides for course contents for OHE
 12.   CAMTECH recommendation on Class room presentation slides for course contents for PSI



 1.      Video film on speed measurement of locomotives
 2        Pamphlet on three phase loco Radiator
  3     Video film on Maintenance of Low Maintenance Lead Acid (LMLA) batteries used in TL Coaches
 4.   Pamphlet on Fire Causes and preventive measures in railway coaches  
 5.   Video film on Erction for Two Track Boom(TTB) for OHE 
 6.    Handbook on V-Belt of TL & AC Coaches 
 7.    Draft Video film on up-keep of electronics Cards 
 8.   Handbook on solar light system  
 9.   Pamphlet on proposed standardization for colour coding scheme on OHE Mast  
10. Video film on safety while working on Tower   
11. Draft Pocketbook on Guidelines for standardization of Colour code scheme on OHE Mast   
12. Handbook on upkeep of Electric Loco shed/workshop  
13. Safety calendar for electric loco shed/workshop


  1. Pamphlet on Up-keeping of Cork sheet Gaskets used in Electric Locomotives
  2. Handbook on Hand tools for Coaching Maintenance(Electrical)
  3. Handbook on Review of Maintenance Schedule of PSI (Power Supply Installation)
  4. Handbook on Handling & Storage of Electronic Cards of Electric Locomotives
  5. Maintenance Manual on Non-AC LHB design Coaches (Electrical Part)
  6. Training Video on Basics of Power Electronics 
  7. Video film on Replacement of Catenary Wire
  8. Handbook on Welding Techniques
  9. Handbook on Check List for up-keep of Combined Crew Lobby
  10. Maintenance Handbook on Transformer of 3 Phase Electrical Locomotives
  11. Handbook on Fire Causes and Preventive Measures in Railway Coaches


1.     Pamphlet on Water Raising Mono-block pumpof RMPU AC Coaches
2.     Pamphlet on 3 phase Traction Motor 6 FRA 6068 (WAG9/WAP7)
3.     Safety Calendar for Power Supply Installations (PSI) Staff
4.     Handbook on Maintenance for TL Coaches
5.     Pamphlet on Roof mounted AC unit of Electric LocomotiveCab
6.     Pamphlet on Pull Lift of OHE 
7.     Pocket book on Up-keep of Rubber Items of Pneumatic Valves of Electric Loco
8.     Objective Question Bank for General Services
9.     Question Bank for OHE
10. Report on Running Room Facilities
11. Maintenance Manual for AC-DC EMU (Siemens)
1.     Handbook on Maintenance of Diesel Generator sets (62.5 kVA to 380 kVA)
2.     Pamphlet on “Important Bogie Clearances of AC Electric Locomotives”.  
3.     Pocket Book onArthur Flury AG PTFE type Neutral Section 
4.     Report on “LED type Pit Lighting for preparing specification by RDSO”  
5.     Handbook on “Pre-Summer and Pre-Monsoon Precautions for AC Electric Locomotives”
6.     Safety Calendar for Sub-Station Staff
7.     Handbook on “UPS for UTS”
8.     Question bank on “Electrical General Services”
9.     Report on “Hot line Washing of Insulators of OHE”
10. Safety Calendar for TrD Personnel
11. Booklet on “Energy efficiency in Electrical assets”
12. Software on “Maintenance Schedule for OHE
1.     Pamphlet on AC Electric Locomotive Transformers.
2.     Pamphlet on Safety Precautions While Working on Tower Wagon.
3.     Pamphlet on Air Compressors of AC Electric Locomotives.
4.     Review of Maintenance Schedule for OHE.
5.     Handbook on Maintenance of Electrical General Services Substations.
6.     Maintenance Handbook of Pantograph AM-12.
7.     Special Precautions to be taken for Maintenance of OHE and attending Break Downs at Sharp Curves
8.     Pamphlet on Safety Precautions While Working on TSS/SSP
9.     A Video Film on “Phasor and Harmonics”
10.    Operating Manual for TL & AC Coaches.
11.Handbook on “Maintenance of Diesel Generator sets (62.5 kVA to 380 kVA)”
1.     Pamphlet on Traction Motor HS-15250A.
2.     Pamphlet on Neutral Section.
3.     Introductory Handbook on Microprocessor Controlled Electric Locomotives.
4.     Handbook on Static Inverter of AC Electric Locomotives.
5.     Handbook on Earthing System for Power Supply Installations.
6.     Handbook on Electrical Earthing.
7.     Training Package on Pneumatic Valves of AC Electric Locomotives.
8.     Training Package on Auxiliary Transformer.
9.     Pocketbook on Electrical Fires- Causes and Prevention.
10. Maintenance Handbook on Motorised Isolators.
1.     Maintenance Schedules for Diesel Electric 8 W Tower Wagon.
2.     Syllabus for Training Courses for Electrical Supervisors.
3.     Pamphlet on Driving Instructions for Diesel Electric type 8 wheeler Tower Wagon Drivers.
4.     Pamphlet on Energy Saving tips for domestic appliances.
5.     Pamphlet on Safety tips for home appliances.
6.     Standardisation of Instruction Boards at Various Depots/ Sheds on Flexi Boards.
7.     Training Package on AC - DC EMU (Siemens Rake).
8.     Maintenance hand book on 3 phase traction motor of AC Electric Locomotive.
1.     Proposed Layout and Infrastructure of Integrated Coaching Complex
2.     Maintenance handbook on Bonding and Earthing for 25 kV AC Traction System.
3.     Hindi version of Trouble Shooting directory for LHB type RMPU EOG AC Coaches.
4.     Lighting solution for existing washing line at CNB
5.     Trouble Shooting Directory for 25 kV AC EMU/ MEMU.
6.     Trouble Shooting Directory for AC-DC EMUs (Siemens Rake)
7.     Testing Instruments Required for Condition Based Maintenance of TRD Assets.
1.   Enhancement of POH Interval from 12 to 18 months with IOH for ICF Design Coaches.
2.   Revision of ACTM Volume- III Chapter- IV Maintenance and Overhaul Schedules of EMUs.
3.   Maintenance Handbook on Lightening Arrester.
1.     Maintenance Handbook on Electromagnetic contactors of AC EMU/MEMU.
2.     Pamphlet on Safety precautions while working on AC Loco in shed.
3.     Maintenance Handbook single Interrupter VCB Type 22 CB.
4.     Maintenance Handbook Head Light & flasher Light of AC Electric Locomotive.
5.     Maintenance Handbook on TM Bearings of AC EMU/MEMU.
  1. Maintenance Handbook on Transformer of AC EMU/MEMU.
  2. Trouble Shooting Directory for conventional type RMPU SG AC coaches.
  3. Maintenance Handbook on Reverser/winding changeover switch of AC EMU/MEMU.
  4.  Training Package on Transformer of AC Electric locomotive.
  5.  Troubleshooting directory for LHB type RMPU EOG AC coaches.
  6.  Handbook on Power cables for electrical general services.
  7.  Training Package on Earth Fault Relays of AC Electric Locomotives.
  1. Pocket book on Operation and Trouble shooting of 25 KVA on Board Siemen’s Inverters for SG/AC coaches.
  2. List of Spares for POH of 8 wheelers Diesel Hydraulic Tower wagon.
  3. Maintenance handbook on Distribution and Power Transformer.
  4. Maintenance Handbook on Hitachi Traction Motor (HS-15250-A) of Electric Locomotive.
  5. Training Package on Power, auxiliary & Control circuits of Electric Locomotive
 6.  Maintenance Handbook on EP Contactors of AC EMU/MEMU.
  1. Maintenance Handbook on Batteries of Electric Locomotive.
  1. Pamphlet on Important OHE parameters.
  2. Maintenance Handbook on VRLA Batteries for TL/AC Coaches.
  3. Maintenance Handbook on Compressors of AC EMU’S & MEMU. 
 4. Maintenance Handbook on capacitor banks of 25 KV AC traction sub station.
  1. Technical Training Module for 8 wheeler Tower Wagon Drivers.
  2. Maintenance Handbook Traction Motor of AC EMU and MEMU.
  3. Maintenance Handbook on Compressor Motor for under slung AC coaches.
  1. Maintenance Handbook on battery Charger.
  2. Maintenance Handbook on flexi coil bogie Mark-I.
  3. Handbook on artisan tools for TRD depots.
  4. Handbook on artisan tools for Electric Loco Sheds.
  5. Handbook on Artisan Tools for OSM TL/AC depots.
  6. Pamphlet on Safety Precaution to be taken by staff while working on OHE.
  7. Technical Training Module for 4 wheeler Tower Wagon Drivers.
  8. Maintenance Handbook on dynamic Braking Resistor and Motor.
  9. Maintenance Handbook on Compressor of AC Coaches with under slung Equipment.
  10. Handbook on General Maintenance Schedule for 8 Wheeler Diesel Hydraulic Tower Wagon.
  1. Maintenance Handbook on Carriage Lighting.
  2. Maintenance Handbook Traction Motor Cooling Blower and its motor used in Electric Loco.
 3.  Handbook on General Maintenance Schedule for B.G. 4 Wheeler Tower Wagon Mark-III.
  1. Maintenance Handbook on Tap changer of AC Electric Locomotives.
  2. Maintenance Handbook on Auxiliary Transformer.
  1. Maintenance Handbook of 33KV/440 Volts Substation.
  2. Maintenance Handbook on Carriage fans (110V).
  3. Maintenance Handbook of Electro-pneumatic Contactors of Electric Locomotive.
 4.  Maintenance Handbook on Neutral Section of 25 KVA OHE.
 5.  Maintenance Handbook on Section Insulators Assembly (25 KVA AC OHE).
  1. Maintenance Handbook on Prevention of Panto Entanglement at turnouts and crossovers.
  2. Maintenance Handbook on 25 KV VCB used in TRD system and Vacuum Interrupter.
  3. Maintenance Handbook on Protection Fuses and Relays of Electric Locomotives.
  4. Maintenance Handbook on TL & AC Fuses.
  1. Maintenance Handbook on Regulating Equipment of 25 KV LAC OHE.
  2. Handbook on Maintenance of centralized AC Plant.
  3. Handbook on maintenance of window Type AC Units.
  4. Handbook on Maintenance of Conventional AC Coaches.
  5. Handbook on Maintenance of roof Mounted AC Units on Coaches.
  6. Handbook on Maintenance of Roller Bearings on Traction Motors and Axles.
  7. Maintenance Handbook for Diesel Generator Sets Used for Standby Power supply in Railway Installations ( 3 phase 440 Volts).
  8. Handbook on “Maintenance and Rewinding of Electric Loco Transformer”.
  9. Handbook on Maintenance of Brush-less Alternators of and AC Coaches.
  10. Handbook on “Maintenance of TL & AC Coaches Batteries”.
  11. Handbook on “Maintenance of Air Compressors and its motors for Electric Locomotives”.
  12. Handbook on AC Coach Mechanic.
  13. Maintenance Handbook of Power car of EOG Coaches.
  14. Handbook on Earthing arrangements.
  15. Handbook on Maintenance of electromagnetic Contactors of Electric Locomotive.
  16. Maintenance Handbook of 25 KV SF6 Gas circuit breaker & Interrupter
  17. Maintenance Handbook on Traction Transformer.
  1. Maintenance Handbook for Suspension Bearings of TAO-659 Traction Motors
 2. Pocket book for Maintenance of Suspension Bearing TAO-659
 3.  Handbook on “GEC make Vacuum Circuit Breakers type 20 CB for Electric Locomotive”.
1.     Maintenance Handbook for Centrifugal pump.
2.     Maintenance Handbook for Vertical Pumps.
3.     Maintenance Handbook for Submersible Pump.
1.     Software Package ELFA for Electric Loco Failure Analysis.
2.     Do’s and Don’ts Handbook for maintenance of TAO-659 Traction Motor.
3.     Maintenance Handbook for TAO-659 Traction Motor.






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