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Year 2012—2013


1.      Compendium on IR-DRDO Bio toilets on Indian Railways.

2.      Testing scheme for Bacteria culture (Inoculum) and Bio toilet effluent.

3.      Handbook on IOH of BVZI brake van.

4.      Pamphlet on “Computer controlled brake system (CCB) of locomotive”

5.      Handbook on “Instructions on Axle Box maintenance and guidelines to minimize hot axle cases on coaching stock”

6.      Handbook on “Micro controller based governor”

7.      Maintenance Handbook on “Passenger Emergency Alarm System”

8.       Maintenance Handbook on “Bogie Mounted brake system in Freight Stock”

9.       Introduction Handbook on “FIAT Bogie of LHB Coaches”

10.    Maintenance Manual on “NDM5/ZDM5 NG Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive”

11.    Review &  revision of Maintenance Manual for CASNUB Bogie (G-95)

12.    Review and Revision of Instructions for Inspection and Maintenance of Cartridge Taper Roller Bearing Fitted on Cast Steel Bogies (G-81)

13.    Handbook on Maintenance of Spherical Roller bearing, CTRB and Tapered Bearing Unit (TBU) for coaching & freight stock on IR

14.    Handbook on Microprocessor based controlled system version 3

15.   Guidelines for lock bolting manufacturing/repair of freight stock.



Year 2011—2012              


1.     A training video film on Microprocessor based control system.

2.     Pamphlet on CDTS (Aikon make).

3.     Pamphlet on microprocessor based control system fitted in Alco loco.

4.     Pamphlet on long haul train operation.

5.     A handbook on “Train parting of freight stock”.

6.     A Pamphlet on “Micro Controller based Governor fitted on ALCO Loco”.

7.     Pamphlet on BMBS for freight stock.

8.     Handbook on WSP system in LHB coaches.

9.     Trouble shooting Guide for WDM3A/ WDG3A Locomotive.

10.  Handbook on air brake system of freight stock.

11.  Handbook on stainless steel welding.

12.  Handbook on BMBC of ICF coaches.

13.  Handbook on IOH of BVZI brake van.



Year 2010-2011


1.      Maintenance Manual for LHB Coaches.

2.      Pamphlet on Air Suspension fitted on Hybrid Coaches.

3.      Pamphlet on CDTS

4.      Standardization of Layout, infrastructural facilities and M&P for MLR workshop for coaches

5.      Manual for House Keeping of Coaches and Coaching depots.

6.      A Report on Mechanised Loading/ Unloading of BOX-N Wagons other than Tipplers.

7.      Handbook on Maintenance of Air Suspension System of Coaching Stock.

8.      A Report on Training needs of Mechanical Department.

9.      A Report on “Interchangeability & and other maintenance aspects silent CDTS”.

10.    A report on “Cost economics of hydrel washers & injection moulded silent blocks”.

11.    Trouble shooting guide for ALCO/ upgraded microprocessor based Locomotives.



Year 2009-2010


1.      Infrastructural facilities and lay out of freight examination yard with word class facility.

2.      Maintenance Instructions for stainless Steel Wagon.

3.      Facilities for Maintenance of Stainless Steel Wagon.

4.      Training Video Film on Guard Driver Check for Freight Stock.

5.      Standardization of facilities for premium rake examination.

6.      Maintenance Manual for 1400 HP DEMU.

7.      Maintenance Handbook on Micro Controller Based Governor fitted on DSL Loco.

8.      A Report on Standard Facilities of Maintenance of CTRB.

9.      Revision of IRCA Part III (Freight Stock).


Year 2008-2009


1.       Standardize coach watering arrangements for enroute coach watering for 24 coach train length in minimum possible time with lesser man power.

2.       Pamphlet on GDR check.

3.       Infrastructure Facilities for Coaching Depots.

4.       Infrastructure Facilities at Platforms and yards for other end examination of coaching trains.


Year 2007-2008


1.     Training Video film on Maintenance of ALCO Turbo Super Charger.

2.     Enhancement of POH interval from 12 to 18 months with IOH for ICF Design 



Year 2006-2007


1.       Question Bank on Coaching Stock.

2.       Design of Washing Pit line.

1.       Training Package on Transition System & its Components for DSL Staff.

2.       Question Bank on DSL locomotive.

3.       Standardization of Hand tools for coaching stock.

4.       Pocket Book on Field Inspection of CTRB fitted on C&W Stock.

5.       Interactive CDs on DSL Locomotive, Freight & Coaching Stock.

6.       Data handbook on Coaching Stock.


Year 2005-2006


1.      Training Package on Labour Laws & Personnel matters for STC.

2.      Pamphlet on Diesel Safety Fitting & Safety items.

3.      Training Package on Role of Senior Supervisors in Mechanical Department.

4.      Compilation of question Bank on freight stock.

5.      Standardization of Hand Tools for wagon maintenance in open line.                      

6.      Introduction handbook on GM Locomotive.

7.      Training Package on Traction Alternator for DSL maintenance staff.

8.      Layout and maintenance facilities for high speed train coaching depot.

9.      Training Package on Traction Generator for DSL Loco staff.

10.    Training Package Voltage Regulator Panel for DSL Loco staff.

11.    Introduction handbook on LHB coaches.


Year 2004-2005


1.      At a Glance on Mechanical Publications.

2.      Training Module on Electro hydraulic Governor.

3.      Training module on Woodward Governor.

4.      Training Module on water assemblies System.

5.      Training module on BKT/ Reverser.

6.      Training Module on Dynamic Braking system of DSL Loco & its component.

7.      Standardization of hand tools for wagon in field units.

8.      Training Package on Trade theory of heat treatment for STC supervisors.


Year 2003-2004


1.      Competency based training in Wagon workshops.

2.      Competency based training in Coaching Workshops.

3.      Competency based training in Diesel workshops.

4.      Lesson Plan on “Bogie of Diesel Loco”.

5.      Maintenance handbook on Roller Bearing fitted on Diesel Locomotive.

6.      Training Module on “Traction Motor of Diesel Locomotive”. 

7.      Training Module on “Electro pneumatic Power contactor Traction Motor of Diesel Locomotive”.

8.      Training Module on cylinder head, Piston & Piston Ring.

9.      Standardization of Infrastructural facilities for Freight Stock Maintenance.

10.    Training module on Expressor.

11.    Training Module on Lub Oil Systems main Assemblies.

12.    A Report on Brake Beam Bending Limit.


Year 2002-2003


1.      Report on Problems and Remedies of Air Brake System.

2.      Report on Benchmarking of Overhauling activities in Workshop.

3.      Report on Process of Standardization of high pressure testing to identify leaking barrels of tank Wagons.

4.      Review and preparation of Training Modules of Supervisory Courses in Mechanical department.

5.      List of tools used in field units of technical department.

6.      Report on Buffer height adjustment in coaches.

7.      Revised report on Development/Upgradation of C&W Training school.

8.      Report on Standardization of Unit Exchange for IOH/C Schedule for ICF Design Coaches.

9.      Lesson Plan on “Maintenance of Blower in WDM2 Diesel locomotive”.

10.    Lesson Plan on Fuel Injection Equipment.

11.    Study on Train Partings of Freight Stock and Preparation of Pocket Booklet for staff covering Do’s and don’ts.

12.    Lesson Plan on Maintenance of “Turbo super Charger”.

13.    Lesson Plan on Maintenance of Over speed Trip Assembly.

14.    Revision of Coach Maintenance Manual.


Year 2001-2002


1.      Handbook on Diesel Drivers.

2.      CD ROM on Trouble Shooting charts on BG Locomotives for DSL Drivers.

3.      Report on “Improvement in Quality of Overhaul of DV’s in Railway Workshops”.

4.      Report on Procedure of Wheel Disc Pressing on Axle.

5.      Report on auditing of Welding Procedure in Wagon workshops Jhansi.

6.      Maintenance Instructions for UIC type rubber Vestibules of main line coaches.

7.      Study Report on Problem of reclining arrangement of AC Chair Cars.

8.      Training Video Film Modules on Engine Shutting Down with Alarm.

9.      TVFM on Engine Shutting Down without Alarm.

10.    Proforma for Rolling Stock in case of Derailment.

11.    Report on Review of LHB maintenance manual.

12.    Report on development/upgradation of C&W Training Centre on division.

13.    Standardization of Records of Coaching Depot.

14.    Handbook on Diesel Locomotive.

15.    Syllabus for Multi-skill Trades for workshops.

16.    Preparation of CD ROM on Brake Linkage Leverage Ratio for training of staff.



Year 2000-2001


1.      Pocketbook for Loco running Staff on Air Brake system in Goods Stock.

2.      Manpower Yard stick for coaching depots.

3.      Standardization of Coaching Depot contract.


Year 1999-2000


1.      Standardization of Infrastructural for Coaching depots for Unified Maintenance.

2.      Instructions on Tank Wagon L.B. Spring (Do’s and Don’ts).

3.      Instructions on 10 Problem areas of WDM2  Diesel Locomotive M.aintenance

4.      Report on Water top tank failure in coaches.

5.      Standardization of Infrastructure for Coaching depots for unified Maintenance – Washing Pit line.

6.      Hand Tools required in Coach washing cum pit lines.


Year 1998-1999


1.      A Technical Guide on Derailments.

2.      Handbook on Maintenance of Hydraulic Re-railing and Rescue Devices.

3.      Computer based management information system for RSK/STLI.

4.      Handbook for carriage Supervisors.

5.      Computer Software Package on “Lub oil management system (FLOMS) for ET Shed.

6.      Midterm Evaluation of IGP Trail Rake.

7.      Paint Study.

8.      Multimedia Training Package on Twin Pipe coaching Air Brake system   

      consisting of :

a)    Curriculum document

b)    Trainer’s manual (Bilingual)

c)     Trainee’s manual (Bilingual)

d)    CD - ROM with animation (Bilingual)

e)    Video cassette (Bilingual)

f)     Transparencies (English)

9.      Computer Software Package on Wagon analysis of Repair (WARS) in Sickline.


Year 1997-1998


1.      IGP modification Vol.1

2.      CAMTECH-BITS MS program in Engg. Management.

3.      Standardization of Infrastructure in Coaching Depot.

4.      Hand book on Load Box Testing.

5.      Innovation in Coaching Workshops and Depots.



Year 1996-1997


1.      Indo-Swedish Technical Co-operation Project to develop strategies for Maintenance Management.

2.      Study of Brake binding problem on Air Brake Passenger Rake.

3.      CDAS (Codification Defect Analysis System).

4.      Handbook for Air Brake system on Coaching Stock.


Year 1995--1996


1.      Handbook on Air Brake system of Freight Stock.

2.      Review and updating of B.G. Unified Coaching Maintenance.

3.      Development of Computer Software Package for Coach defect Analysis system.



Year 1994-1995


1.      Pocket book for running staff on Air Brake system in goods stock.


Year 1993-1994


1.     Computer Package for planning BG Coaching Stock rehabilitation.

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