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CAMTECH, Gwalior

Welcome to Centre for Advanced Maintenance Technology (CAMTECH)



Role of CAMTECH Directorate:

The objective of CAMTECH is to upgrade maintenance technologies and methodologies and achieve improvement in productivity and performance of all railway assets and manpower which inter alia would cover reliability, availability for use, utilization and efficiency. CAMTECH carries out in depth studies of maintenance problems, identifies and help Zonal Railways to implement possible solutions, imparts training, prepares Maintenance Manuals, Handbooks, Technical instructions, guidelines, pamphlets, video films for maintenance of all four technical departments of Indian Railways. This literature is made available both on the CAMTECH website and in the printed format as well. Dissemination of the knowledge and information is done by interactive Seminars & Workshops organised and coordinated by CAMTECH on various maintenance related subjects in association with OEMs, RDSO, Zonal railways and domain experts.


Organization chart:


Brief Achievements (2020-Aug' 2021)

Civil Engineering 

             ·        Pamphlet on Duties and Responsibilities of Keyman (Bilingual)

             ·        Pamphlet on PPR pipes used for Water Supply

·        Pamphlet on Standards of Quality of Drinking Water

·        Pamphlet on Prevention of Corrosion of Rails & Welds

·        Pamphlet on Cleaning of Overhead Water Tank

·        Pamphlet on Epoxy Resin - Its Application in Structural Repairs - Feb 2014 - Ist Revision

·        Pamphlet on hot weather patrolling - Nov 2003 - Ist Revision

·        Pamphlet on Signage used in Indian Railways

·        Pamphlet on Vacuum Dewatring Concrete Flooring

Electrical Engineering 

             ·         Pamphlet on Measurement of soil resistivity

             ·         Pamphlet on Measurement of Earth Electrode Resistance

·         Maintenance Activities (Electrical) for shop schedule – I (18 months) for Vande Bharat Express (train18)

·         Maintenance Manual (Electrical ) for Vande Bharat Express (Train 18)

·         Booklet on Regulated cum Emergency battery Charger (RBC/EBC) of LHB coaches

·         Pamphlet on Safety Precautions for Stabling and Securing of Trains

·         Question Bank (Electrical) on LHB Coaches

·         Booklet on Roof Mounted Package Unit of LHB Coaches

·          Introductory Booklet on Solar Energy for Coaching Stock

Mechanical Engineering 

·         Axle Mounted Disk Brake System KNORR-BREMSE for LHB Coaches for Speed At 200 Kmph

·         Pamphlet on maintenance instructions for Automatic plug type entrance door/automatic internal sliding door

          used in Tejas coaches.

·         Report on Review of Maintenance pattern of NMG rakes.

·         Maintenance Instructions for new technological development in LHB Coaches (Tejas,Hamsafar,Vistadome etc)

·         Booklet on Road Railer.

·         IOH - Maintenance Guidelines for VVN Coaches

·         Pamphlet on Trouble-shooting Guide for SPIC

·         Pamphlet on Do’s & Don’ts for 1600 HP DEMU Drivers

·         Pamphlet on K-class CTRB Maintenance

·         Handbook on Load Sensing Device (LSD) & Automatic Cylinder Pressure Monitoring Device (APM)

·         Pamphlet on Maintenance of Bio-Vacuum Toilet System

·         Revised AMOC Guidelines for maintenance of IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet

·         Pamphlet on Testing of Chlorine tablet of IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet

·         Handbook on 1600 HP AC-Dc DEMU for Loco Pilots

Signal & Telecom Engineering

             ·         Pocketbook on Setting of Reference Leakage Resistance in Earth Leakage Detector

             ·         Handbook on Automatic Signalling with MSDAC using OFC cable

             ·         Handbook on Terrestrial Trunk Radio (TETRA) Network & its applications in Indian Railways

·         Handbook on Cable Fault localization

·         Booklet on Stress Management

·         Handbook on Predictive maintenance practices of Signalling assets

·         Handbook  on GGTronics G36R HASSDAC

·         Instruction Board on “Procedure for Panel-PC Changeover in MICROLOK II Electronic Interlocking”

·         Handbook on Automatic Fire Suppression System for Signalling installations.

·         Handbook on IP based Telephone Exchange (TADIRAN make)

·         Maintenance handbook on Medha MEI633 Electronic Interlocking

·         Handbook on Maintenance practices of 220mm throw Electric Point Machine with Clamptype lock for Thick

          Web switch


Current Assignments in hand:

Civil Engineering

·         Pamphlet on duties and Responsibilities of Mate (Bi-lingual)

·         Booklet on Ready Mixed Concrete

·         Pamphlet on CPVC Pipes use for Water supply

·         Pamphlet on Duties and Responsibilities of Cold Weather Patrolman (Bilingual)

Mechanical Engineering

·         Revision of Hand book on Air-Brake System of LHB Coaches.

·         Maintenance Guidelines for BOXNS Wagons

·         Model Rate Contract documents for AMC of CTRB used in LHB coaches.

·         Report on Maintenance pattern of NMG rakes Phase-II

·         Report on trail of LVPH rake

·         Report on list of unit exchange for LHB coaches

·         Report on trail of Maintenance of Military/Election special trains

Electrical Engineering

·         Booklet on New Development in Solar plant Maintenance

·         Booklet on Composite Insulator used in TRD

·         Booklet on Hotel Load converter fitted on Electric Locomotives

Signal & Telecom Engineering

·         Handbook on LTE Network & its applications in Indian Railways

·         Pamphlet on Electric Lifting Barrier- Installation & Maintenance practices

·         Handbook on Electronic LC Gate Telephone system (Wire & wireless)

·         Introductory handbook on Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 22-09-2021  

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