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ISO Apex Documents


 QO-D-7.1-1 Ver-7.0  Creation of new specification for items


QO-D-7.1-2 Ver-7.0 Change of  specificationof items
3. QO-D-7.1-3 Ver-4.0 Withdrawal of  specification of items


QO-D-7.1-4 Ver-2.0 Change of controlling authority for  specification
5. QO-D-7.1-5 Ver-14.1 Vendor Application for registration of vendor
6. QO-D-7.1-6 Ver-14.3 Vendor Application Processing
7. QO-D-7.1-7 Ver-4.2 Relaxation of vendor registration requirements
8. QO-D-7.1-8 Ver-5.0 Vendor Registration EOI
9. QO-D-7.1-9 Ver-6.0  Vendor List


QO-D-7.1-10 Ver-4.1 Vendor sample type testing


QO-D-7.1-11 Ver-15.0 Vendor changes in approved status


 QO-D-7.1-12 Ver-8.1 Vendor  Changes in vendor entity


QO-D-7.1-13 Ver-7.1  Quality Audit of Approved Vendor


QO-D-7.1-14 Ver-8.4 Vendor registration schedule of charges


QO-D-7.1-15 Ver-3.0 Product development


QO-D-7.1-16 Ver-3.1 Publishing expression of interest


QO-D-7.1-17 Ver-2.0 Logistics provision by vendor for inspections


QO-D-7.1-18 Ver-1.0 Empanelment of Inspection Agencies


QO-F-7.1-4 Ver-3.0 RDSO Inspection Certificate
20. QO-F-7.1-7 Ver-3.0 List of documents   to be sought from Vendor at the time of  registration  & Annexures/Forms


QO-F-7.1-8  Ver-2.0 Capability assessment report for Vendor registration


QO-F-7.1-9 Ver. 4.0 Quality Audit Report 
23. QO-F-7.1-2 Ver-4.1 Intimation of  ’Fresh Registration’  and Form for -  deciding ’Quality Audit’  of Vendors
24. QO-F-7.1-3 Ver-3.0 Down- gradation / de-listing of Approved Vendor

QM-RF-7.1-3 Ver.2.0_Guidelines for Preparing QAP during Registration


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