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Following systems/facilities/equipments are used/adopted for the field trials:-

Computerised systems for data acquisition and analysis as per the requirement of Indian Railways and international standards.

     * Load cells for measuring lateral force.

    * Accelerometers for measuring vertical, lateral and longitudinal accelerations.

    * LVDTs for measuring spring deflection.

    * Pressure transducers for measuring pneumatic pressures.

    * Contact less temperature sensors for measuring temperature.


            Infrastructure in the Laboratories

 1.        Fatigue Testing Laboratory

            Following items are tested in this laboratory:-

      * Structural strength of Bogie frame, Bolster& Brake beam of rolling stock,

* Fatigue test of  FRP sleepers for track   etc by simulating service loads.

* Endurance test of sandwiched rubber components.

*Endurance test and damping characteristics of shock absorbers


Facilities available in Fatigue Testing  Laboratory:

    * Two dynamic actuators of 150 ton capacity and two dynamic actuators of 25 ton capacity of    +125 mm stroke.

    * Four static actuators of 75 ton capacity of 300 mm stroke.

    * 500 ton reaction frame

    * Two dynamic actuators of 10 ton capacity of +50 mm stroke

    * Four dynamic actuators of +25 ton capacity of +50mm stroke.

    * 30 ton and 50 ton capacity reaction frame

    * Frame Mounted Shock Absorber Testing Machine, with + 50KN load capacity and + 150mm stroke Hydraulic Actuator

    * 96 channels on line stress measuring system





2.         Brake Dynamometer Laboratory

         Facilities available in Brake Dynamometer Laboratory:-

    * Old brake dynamometer capable of testing upto speed of 245 kmph with 1000 mm diameter wheel and simulation of axle load upto 25t, brake torque of 4800 kg-m and brake force of 6000 kg maximum with continuous recording and analysis of test data.

    * New brake dynamometer capable of testing upto speed of 300 kmph with 1000mm diameter wheel and axle load 8 to 30t and brake force of 6000 kg maximum with continuous recording and analysis of test data. It has two test stations and simulation of inertia electrically in the range of 200 – 6000 kg-m².

    * Facility for thermal imaging of wheels during Dynamometer testing of the brake block by thermo wave camera.

    *Facility to measure the density of smoke during braking through composition brake block

    *Facility to quantify the odour generated during braking through composition brake block


      Activities of Brake Dynamometer Lab                                                       

    * Performance of various types of Composite Brake Blocks and Disc Brakes.

    * Parameters measured: Coefficient of friction, Wear rate, temperature rise in B Block & Wheel etc.

3.         Air Brake Laboratory

            Following Brake characteristics are tested in this laboratory:

 * Freight train upto 132 ‘BOXN’ wagons with single or twin pipe

    * Passenger train upto 30 coaches with twin pipe and 30 coaches with E.P. assist brake system

    * Effects of changes in design of loco brake system.

    * Freight & passenger trains with multiple loco operations.

    * Optimum location of locos in long freight train.

    * Effects of changes in distributor valve of freight & passenger trains.

    * Train parting & indication to driver

    * Effects of leakage rates on release of brakes.

    * Effects of over charge feature on train operation.

    * Optimum compressor & reservoir capacity for various train lengths.

    * Performance testing of distributor valves




Facilities available in Air Brake Laboratory:

    * Twin pipe & single pipe air brake equipment for 132 BOXNB wagons with Data Acquisition System.

    * Passenger train upto 30 coaches with twin pipe and 30 coaches with E.P. assist brake system with Data Acquisition System.

    * 7 compressors with total capacity of 16000 liters per minute

    * Data acquisition system on 234 channels

    * Fully automatic computerized distributor valve test rig

    * Vigilance control device test rig

    * EMD loco brake system simulator for CCB 1.5.

    * Compressor test rig.

    * DV test rig and DV endurance test rig.

    * Air dryer test rig is under commissioning.





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