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Centre for Railways Research at IIT Kharagpur

Center For Railway Research at IIT/ Kharagpur




Indian Railways Vision- 2020 aims to transform IR from a net technology importer to technology exporter. In order to develop a long-term frame work for research collaboration, MOU with IIT Kharagpur has been signed by Railway Board on 13/2/2010 for setting up a state of art Centre for Railway Research (CRR) at IIT/ Kharagpur.


Research center shall have following research areas –


Heavy Haul Technology

Vehicle Dynamics

High-Speed Technologies

Energy Efficient Traction Power Supply Systems

Track Research

Use of Artificial Intelligence for Predictive Maintenance and Management.

Material Sciences for Railway related Composites including Rubbers, Polymers and Insulation Materials.

Development of  Integrated / Embedded Processors for Railway Applications

Applications for Access Control, Security and Safety including Biometrics

Open Platform Propulsion Control Systems for Rail Vehicles

Non-Conventional Drives and Technology including Maglev, L.I.M.

Remote Sensing and Measurement of OHE, Track and Signals


As per MOU –“Indian Railways will provide grants in aid to the Centre for Railway Research. Parties would mutually decide the modalities of funding and execution of this MOU based on recommendations of the ASC (Apex Steering Committee). A Program Advisory Committee (PAC), comprising of officers from Indian Railways and faculty members of IIT Kharagpur will be formed. The exact composition of PAC will be based on the recommendation of the APEX STEERING COMMITTEE. PAC will administer, monitor and supervise all the R&D related activities coming under this MOU”.


The Centre for Railway Research shall also offer PhD programme in Research areas related to Railways and will also involve B. Tech and M. Tech student in Research projects and offer course & electives related to Railway Technology.


For execution and implementation of the MOU, an Apex Steering Committee has been formed Vide RB letter No. - 2010 / 3400 / 1 dated 23.03.2010 consisting of following members. 



Prof. D. Acharya, Director, IIT / KGP

Prof. P. P. Chakrabarti, Dean (SRIC), IIT KGP

Prof. A. Chakraborty, Deanm(CE), IIT KGP

Prof. S. Mukhopadhyay, Prof. Elec. Engg. IIT KGP

Exe. Director, Research RDSO LKO                   

Exe. Director, E & R Railway Board

Exe. Director, Finance (X) II Railway Board

: Co – Chairman

: Co – Chairman

: Member

: Member

: Member

: Member

: Member

: Member


To administer, monitor and supervise all the R&D related activities coming under the purview of CRR, a Programme Advisory Committee (PAC), comprising of officers from RDSO Lucknow and faculty members of IIT/ Kharaghpur and experts of technology from other institutions, has been formed   Following members were nominated as members of PAC by Apex Steering Committee.



Prof. A. K. Majumdar, Dy. Director IIT KGP

ED / Finance / RDSO


Director / Res. / S&T

Prof. S. K. Som, Dean UG

Prof. P. K. Sen Chair Professor, STC

Prof. S. Mukhopadhyay, PIC CRR

Prof. T. K. Ghoshal, Professor EE JU Kolkata

Prof. Pradip Datta Professor, ME, IISC Banglore

: Co – Chairman

: Co – Chairman

: Member

: Member

: Joint Secy.

: Member

: Member

: Joint Secy.

: Member

: Member


Progress made so far



MOU signed on 13.02.2010.


Apex steering committee constituted on 23.03.2010 and 1st meeting held on 03.05.10.


PAC constituted on 03.05.10.


Railway board vide letter no. - 2010 / E&R / 3400 / 1 dated 11.05.2010 has suggested following areas for Research for CRR to begin with. –



Heavy haul Technology


High Speed Technologies


Material sciences for railway related composites including rubber, polymers and insulation materials


Use of artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance and management

Construction of CRR Building


Rs. 20.38 Cr has been sanctioned for setting up of temporary facilities to start the work and for a New Permanent Building for CRR. A grant of Rs. 4.19 Cr and Rs. 9.86 Cr. has been released to IIT / KGP for FY 2010 – 11 and 2011 – 12 respectively by Railway Board.

Renovation of the space for computational laboratory, office & experimental laboratory has been completed. Research scholars/students have started using these facilities for project work


It is decided that a G+4 storey building will be constructed for CRR. However, the foundation will be for a G+7 building for possible future extension. The final drawing of CRR main building which is prepared by EPIL after modification as suggested by RDSO has been accepted by the Civil Works Department of the IIT KGP. Soil testing for the building has been completed by m/s EPIL. Target for completion of CRR building is March 2013.


Projects undertaken at CRR


Ten R&D projects costing Rs. 21.50 Cr approximately have been sanctioned in the areas of Heavy haul, High speed and   material   sciences in   WP 2011-12 & two projects has been approved in work program 2012-2013.


Following Twelve projects have been awarded to CRR IIT/KGP



Creep & Warping (including Gauge widening) of hot Loco wheels, towards development of design guidelines against gauge widening


Project on Development of provision for design of steel concrete composite Railway bridges for normal speed and special provision for high speed passenger traffic


Development of Railway Bridge Health Monitoring System and wireless sensor networks


Online monitoring system for OHE traction parameters


Scientific Evaluation of High Voltage Insulator Conditions/ Prediction of Residual Life of Composite Insulators.


Design and Development of an On-board Intelligent Embedded Platform for detection of weak failure modes and prognosis of severe faults in locomotives and associated equipment.


Development of Composition and Standardization of Properties of Composite Brake Blocks for Application in Coaches of Indian Railways


Development of Thermo-mechanically processed high strength bainitic steel rails for Indian Railways.


Aerodynamic design of traction rolling stock with speed potentials of 250 km/h, upgradeable to 350 km/h.


Suspension and Bogies Technology for High Speed Trains


Assessment of Various Strategies of Seating Arrangements.


Modeling & validation of interlocking for railway signaling system


For more information please visit


Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 07-02-2014  

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