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1.    Format for submitting details of achievements in last five financial years for cataloging and displaying on RDSO website.

Sl No

Financial Year

Broad Area of Achievement

Description of Achievement

Likely benefit

Current Status of Implementation



a.    Successful implementation of VI CPC & 405 payment of arrears.


a.    100% payment of salary, arrear, and  misc. payment through Bank.

a.       Sixth pay commission related instructions were successfully implemented within the targeted date i.e. 30.09.2008.This involved change in Computer Programme in CATS which was done successfully in record time. Ist installment of arrear of VIth CPC was also made with in targeted time (31.12.2008).


b.  Finance Dte has achieved the target of 100% payment of salary, arrear misc. through Bank by Nov-2008

a.  Hassle free and prompt payment to all officers & staff and RDSO users.

Still in continuation.



a.   Issuance of revised PPOs to officers & staff retired between 01.01.2006 to 31.08.2008.

b.    Payment through RTGS to Third Parties.

a.     PPOs of all officers & staff retired between 31.08.2008 were revised and issued within targeted time i.e.  31.10.2009.

b.     Finance Dte has achieved the target of 100% payment  to 3rd parties & Settlement dues.

a.   Appreciated by beneficiaries as they get their payment credited to their Bank account on the very same day.

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a.        e – receipt of service charges.



b.     E-mail of scanned copy of Service Record to all Gaz. Officers.


c.   Green Organization




d.     SMS Alert



a.     Facility related to Inspection, Testing, Consultancy, Loan & Design charges , vendor registration & renewal charges etc  have been started from May-2010.


b.         Service records of all gazetted    officers were scanned and e mail to all Gaz. Officer in July -2010.


c.      As a result of reducing No. of Bill Units from 125 to 30 and payment of Supplementary through Salary Bills. 


d.     SMS alert is being sent to all  officers, staff, and vendors / contractors whenever any payment is released in their favour.

a.     It will not only beneficial to all RDSO users but also save transit time, paper consumption etc.


b. So they can review and intimate discrepancy if, any found in it.

c. Saving of more than 700 sheets of Computer paper reduction in printing cost & time.

d. Officers & staff and all other RDSO users will get updated with their payment status.

Still in continuation



a.     Computerization.


a Salary  Audit Register, Work  Register, calculation of Interest of Civil grant. PF outward & inward  register have been computerized.

a.    Saving in time &  labour.

Still in continuation



a.     Initiative for Pay Slips & PF Slips.







b.     Transparency & online status of bills

a.     Pay slips & P F slips of all the staff & officers working in RDSO are provided on the RDSO web-site. Which can be seen / checked and print out can be taken by using their user name & password which is usually the P F number.

Ø  Pay slips & PF slips of all the staff & officers are now printed in Rajyabhasha only


b.     A link to RDSO web-site has been provided in the name of “on- line status of bills passed on real time basis”.


a.    Easy to watch recovery of taxes / loans / excess payments as well as payment of dues / arrears. Present balance of P F can also be checked & easy to verify the balances for its withdrawal.


b.    Vendors and staff can access this link to know the current status of their bill by using his user ID & password.






Still in continuation












Source : WELCOME TO RDSO CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 20-09-2013  

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