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Civil Engineering (Subject wise)





Publications (100)


Bridges & Structures (26)


Construction Technology (33)


P. Way (41)




 Bridges & Structures
S. N. Name of Publication      Year      
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1.  Handbook on Construction of Earthquake Resistant Building 2015-16 English
2.  Handbook on dismantling of buildings English
3.  Pamphlet on prevention of growth of vegetation in buildings 2014-15
4.  Handbook on Plastering 2013-14
5.  Handbook on Flooring 2012-13 English
6.  Pamphlet on Interlocking masonry system English
7.  Pamphlet on Pointing English
8.  Booklet on Sanitary fittings 2011-12 English
9.  Pamphlet on Disinfection of water English
10.  Booklet on Maintenance of sewerage and drainage 2010-11
11.  Handbook on Green building 2008-09 English
12.  Handbook on Retrofitting of existing building English
13.  Handbook on Comprehensive guide on painting for buildings 2007-08
14.  Handbook on Anti termite treatment 2006-07 English
15.  Handbook on Form work for buildings English
16.  Handbook on Foundation settlement in buildings (causes & prevention) English
17.  Handbook on Leakage treatment in buildings English
18.  Pamphlet on Quality assurance for aggregates English
19.  Pamphlet on Quality assurance for Cement plastering English
20.  Handbook on Quality assurance for tiling on floors & walls 2005-06 English
21.  Pamphlet on Quality assurance for brick masonry English


 Pamphlet on Distempering 2004-05 English
23.  Pamphlet on Painting on wood work English
24.  Handbook on Cracks in building (causes & prevention) 2003-04
25.  Handbook on Water treatment plant 2001-02
26.  Handbook on Inspection of Bridges 1997-98



 Construction Technology
S. N. Name of Publication     Year      
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1.  Booklet on Sound Absorbing Materials 2016-17 English
2.  Handbook on Blasting English
3.  Handbook on Guidelines for Quality Control in PSC Construction English
4.  Pamphlet on Fire Protection of Steel English
5.  Pamphlet on Safety precautions for steel erection work English
6.  Booklet on Prevention of Dampness in Building 2015-16 English
7.  Pamphlet on Drying Shrinkage English
8.  Pamphlet on factors affecting durability of concrete English
9.  Booklet on Waterproofing Roof Treatment 2014-15 English
10.  Handbook on Safety at Work Site English
11.  Pamphlet on Use of Fly ash as Admixture in Concrete English
12.  Booklet on Epoxy Resin - Its application in structural repairs 2013-14 English
13.  Handbook on Fire retarding materials English
14.  Pamphlet on Corrosion protection of steel  English
15.  Pamphlet on Crazing  English
16.  Handbook on Land management 2012-13 English
17.  Handbook on Mechanized construction English
18.  Handbook on Passenger amenities in station English
19.  Pamphlet on Inspection schedule of SSE (works) 2011-12 English
20.  Pamphlet on Water saving tips English
21.  Handbook on Power operated tools for SSE (Works) 2010-11
22.  Handbook on Water harvesting 2009-10
23.  Pamphlet on New concrete 2008-09
24.  Handbook on Concrete Admixtures 2007-08
25.  Handbook on Fire protection in buildings 2005-06
26.  Handbook on Rain water harvesting 2004-05
27.  Handbook on Modern fixtures and fixing systems for civil structures 2003-04 English
28.  Lesson plan for training of carpenter Hindi
29.  Lesson plan for training of mason Hindi
30.  Lesson plan for training of painter Hindi
31.  Handbook on Modern tools for artisan staff of Civil Engineering Branch 2002-03
32.  Lesson plan for training of pipe fitter & plumber 2001-02
Draft Publications for comments
 33.  Draft-Use of heavy machinery in construction of metro rail 2014-15 English (Draft)



 P. Way
S. N. Name of Publication     Year     
Download Link
1.  Booklet on Precautions to be taken to avoid weld failure 2016-17 English
2.  Pamphlet on Painting of Rails & Welds English
3.  Pamphlet on Use of Single Shot Crucible with Auto Tapping Thimble and Three piece mould for A. T. Welding English
4.  Handbook on Safety precautions at work-site adjacent to track 2015-16 English
5.  Video Film on AT Welding Hindi
6.  Handbook on Track Inspection tools and safety equipment 2014-15 English
7.  Pamphlet on Lubrication of Track Components English
8.  Handbook on Compendium on track tools 2013-14 English
9.  Pamphlet on Maintenance of track in traction areas  English
10.  Safety calender for Permanent Way 2012-13
11.  Handbook on Maintenance of long welded rails 2011-12 English
12.  Pamphlet on Maintenance of concrete sleeper track English
13.  Handbook on LWR on girder bridges 2010-11 English
14.  Pamphlet on Lubrication of rail joint English
15.  Pamphlet on Maintenance of SEJ Hindi
16.  Booklet on Do’s & don’ts on track machines while on working 2008-09 English
17.  Handbook on Level Crossing English
18.  Booklet on Reconditioning of Points & Crossing 2007-08
19.  Booklet on Monsoon patrolling 2006-07 English
20.  Handbook on Quality assurance for AT Welding English
21.  Handbook on Ultrasonic testing of AT weld by hand probing 2005-06 English
22.  Lesson plan for training of p.way supervisor (induction course phase II) English
23.  Pamphlet on Toe load measurement on ERCs English
24.  Pocketbook on Ultrasonic testing of rail (Need-based) English
25.  Lesson plan for training of p.way supervisor (induction course phase I) 2004-05 English
26.  Pamphlet on Chamfering of fish bolt hole in rails English
27.  Pamphlet on Working of rail dolly English
28.  Handbook on Tools plants & spare parts to be kept with track machine 2003-04 English
29.  Handbook on Unified inspection and maintenance of ghat section English
30.  Lesson plan for training of mate English
31.  Lesson plan for Training of p. way supervisor (Promotional course) English
32.  Pamphlet on Cold weather patrolling English/Hindi
33.  Pamphlet on Hot weather patrolling English/Hindi
34.  Pamphlet on Working on girder bridges in electrified section English
35.  Lesson plan for training of gatekeeper 2002-03 English
36.  Lesson plan for training of keyman English
37.  Phatakwale Ki Karya Anudesh Pustika-HINDI 2000-01
38.  Handbook on Do’s and Don’ts on Points and crossings 1999-00
39.  Handbook on Do’s and Don’ts on Re-alignment of curve 1998-99 English

 Handbook on Do’s and Don’ts on thermit welding

41.  Handbook on maintenance of Switch expansion joint 1997-98




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