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List of DRDE certified firms for supplying inoculam

Proforma for monthly Bio-Toilet performance of P-Trap

Proforma for monthly Bio-Toilet performance of S-Trap

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Publications (137)

Coaching (59)

Coaching - Bio-Toilet (17)

Disaster Management (6)

Diesel Traction (31)

Wagon/ Frieght (21)

Miscellaneous (4)




Integrated Coach maintenance facilities required for washing line - General arrangement of washing pit

RDSO/ M-00006/ R2/ 1 of 2    RDSO/ M-00006/ R2/ 2 of 2

Comparison between drawings of Old Pit, Pit Line-2006 & Pit Line-2011


S. N.  Name of Publication Year Download Link *
1.   HandBook on LHB Spare consumption 2018 - 19 English
1.  Pamphlet on Rolling in-Rolling Out for ICF & LHB Coaches English
2.  Pamphlet on safety measures during painting of coaching stocks English
3. Phamplet on Tools required for Integrated Tool list for Mechanical and S&T for Escorting staff English
4.  Revised Compendium on IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet English
5. Training  Slides /Training Video of LHB Coaches for Technicians & supervisors English
6.  Handbook on Guidelines for corrosion repairs in ICF Coaches 2017 - 18 English
7.  Handbook on Maintenance Instructions for Ferrule Fittings English
8.  Revision in Pit Line Drawing with all weather covered shed English
9.  Training_Module_OBHS English

   Report on Standardization of Brake Power Certificate for Coaching trains              

2015 - 16  English/ Hindi
11.   Correction Slips (1st to 10th) for maintenance manual  ICF BG Coaches 2014 - 15 English
12.   Handbook on Standardisation of Hand Tools for Coach Maintenance
13.   Pamphlet on Air suspension system for FIAT bogie English
14.   Pamphlet on Instruction for Axle Mounted Brake Disc in LHB Coach (FTIL Type) English
15.   Handbook on Maintenance of Air Brake System in LHB Coaches (FTIL Type) 2013 - 14 English
16.   Maintenance Manual for AC LHB Coaches English
17.   Pamphlet on Pest and rodent control in main line coaches English
18.   Troubleshooting guide on Brake Binding in coaching stock English
19.   Handbook on Bearing Maintenance 2012 - 13 English
20.   Handbook on Instruction on Axle Box bearing maintenance and guidelines  to minimize Hot Axle in ICF design Coaches English
21.   Introduction Handbook on FIAT Bogie English
22.   Maintenace of Passenger Emergency Alarm System of      Coaching stock English
23.   Question Bank on LHB design Coaches English
24.   Handbook on Bogie Mounted Brake System of ICF Coaches 2011 - 12 English
25.   Handbook on Wheel Slide Protection Device (WSP) English
 26.   Pamphlet on Control Discharge Toilet System (Aikon ) English
 27.   Pamphlet on H type Centre Buffer Coupler Hindi
 28.   Handbook on Maintenance of Air suspension system of Coaching stock 2010 - 11  English
 29.   Housekeeping of Coaches & Coacing depots  English
 30.   Pamphlet on Air Suspension system fitted on Hybrid Coaches

English      Hindi

31.   Pamphlet on Control Discharge Toilet System English
32.   Pamphlet on Control Discharge Toilet System (VIBHU) English
33.   Pamphlet on H Type Centre Buffer coupler 2009 - 10 English
34.   Report on Standardisation of Enroute Carriage Watering System 2008 - 09 English
35.   Enhancement of POH Interval from 12 to 18 months for ICF Design coaches 2007 - 08 English
36.   Introduction handbook on LHB Coaches 2006 - 07 English
37.   Question Bank on Coaching Stock English
38.   Standardisation of Hand tools for Coach Maintenance - Open Line English
39.   Maintenance Manual for BG Coaches of ICF design 2002 - 03 English
40.   Maintenance Instructions for UIC type RUBBER VESTIBULE of BG main Line Coaches 2001 - 02 English
41.   Standardisation of Coaching Depot Records English
42.   Hand tools required in Coach Washing cum Pit Lines 1999 - 00 English
 Coaching - Draft Publications for comments
43.  Draft checklists for Inspection of Coaching stock (ICF & DEMU) 2017 - 18 English (Draft)
44.  Draft Handbook on Integrated Rolling Stock Depot English (Draft)
45.  Draft Training Module on LHB Coaches for JEs SSEs English (Draft)
46.   Draft Handbook on Air Brake System of LHB Coaches 2016 - 17 English (Draft)
47.   Draft Handbook on maintenence of Bogie Mounted Brake Cylinder (BMBC) in ICF/ RCF design coaching English (Draft)
48.  Draft handbook on maintenance of Emergency window for AC Coaches English (Draft)
49.  Draft Handbook on Pit Line Maintenance for AC LHB coaches English (Draft)
50.   Draft Report on Infrastructural Facilities for Maintenance of LHB coaches in Open line English (Draft)
51.  Draft Video film on Maintenance of Distributer Valve English (Draft)
52.   Draft Handbook on Procedure for Painting of ICF coaches 2015 - 16 English (Draft)
53.   Draft Handbook on Procedure for PU painting English (Draft)
54.   Draft Report on Infrastructural Facilities Required in Workshops for maintenance of LHB Coaches English (Draft)
55.   Draft Guidelines on Maintenance Facilities in Coaching Depots on IR 2014 - 15 English (Draft)
56.   Draft Maintenance Manual for Non AC LHB Coaches English (Draft)
57.   Draft Report on Pre-Fabricated Pitline without Catwalk English (Draft)
58.   Draft Revised IRCA Part IV English (Draft)


Coaching - Bio-Toilet
S. N.  Name of Publication  Year Download Link *
1.   DO’s and DON’Ts for Bio-Toilet Maintenance in Open Line 2017 - 18 English
2.  Essential information on Bio-Toilet system for travelling passengers English
3.   Pocketbook on Troubleshooting of IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet system for Coaching depot staff 2016 - 17 English
4.   Guidelines for POH of Bio-Toilet fitted coaches         2015 - 16 English
5.   IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet - Short Films in Hindi for Passenger Awareness 

44 Sec.      57 Sec.

72 Sec.      84 Sec.

2 Min.      5 Min.

6.   Pamphlet on Bio-Toilet for maintenance in coaching depots English      Hindi
7.   Report on Guidelines for Annual Maintenance & Operation Contract  (AMOC) for  IR-DRDO Bio-Toilets English
8.   Handbook on IR-DRDO BIO-TOILETS For Open Line Maintenance (Part of Compendium on IR-DRDO Bio-toilets for Indian Railways) 2014 - 15 English
9.   IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet - 1 min. Passenger Announcement Hindi (mp3)
10.   IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet – 2 minutes Animation Film for Passenger Awareness Hindi
11.   IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet – A Short Animation Film Tamil      Malayalam
12.   Question Bank on Bio-Toilet System English


IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet – A Short Animation Film


2013 - 14



Pamphlet on IR-DRDO Bio toilet System



Handbook on Testing Scheme for Bio-Toilet Effluent and Bacteria culture (Inoculum)

2012 - 13

English/ Hindi

Coaching - Bio-Toilet - Draft Publications for comments
16. Draft Pamphlet on Maintenance & Spares required for Bio-Toilets in Coaching Depots and Workshops 2017 - 18 English (Draft)



 Disaster Management
S. N.   Name of Publication  Year Download Link *
1.   Compendium on instructions for 140TCrane Maintenance 2016 - 17 English

  Handbook on Rescue and Relief operations by HRD/ Electrically   

   operated equipment

2015 - 16 English
3.   Handbook on Restoration by 140 T BD Cranes English
4.   Handbook on Restoration by Hydraulic Re-railing equipment English
5. Handbook on Standardization of Infrastructural Facilities for Maintenance of ART ARME 140T Crane English
6. Maintenance and Operational manual for 140T Cranes, ARTs & ARMEs    English


 Diesel Traction
S. N.   Name of Publication  Year Download Link *
1.   Revision in  Question bank on HHP Locos(WDP4- WDG4-WDP4D) 2018-19 English
2.  Pamphlet on trouble shooting for 1400HP DEMU for Loco Pilots English
3.   Pamphlet on DOs-DONTs WDP4D_English - Hindi 2017-18 English/Hindi
4.   Pamphlet on WDP4D Hindi
5.  Handbook on Dual Cab (WDP4D) Locomotives (Medha make traction     system) 2016 - 17 English
6.  Pamphlet on WDP4D (Dual Cab) Locomotive (Medha make Traction   system)   English
7.  Video film on Engine starting and moving procedure of WDP4D Locomotive   English
8.   Handbook on CCB-II of Diesel Locomotives 2015 - 16 English
9.   Video film on TM cut in/ cut out Procedure for dual cab Loco (Medha make) Hindi
10.   Question Bank on HHP Locomotives (WDP4/ WDG4/ WDP4D) 2014 - 15 English
11.   Video Film on Critical Operations of WDP4D Loco Hindi


Handbook on Microprocessor based control system (Ver-3.0) fitted on Disel Locomotives

2013 - 14


13. Handbook on WDP4 WDG4 Locomotives for maintenance staff English


Maintenance Manual for NDM5 ZDM5 NG Locomotive



Pamphlet on Safety at work place in diesel sheds


16. Pocket book on CCB fitted on Diesel Locomotive Hindi


Troubleshooting Guide for Loco pilots on Microprocessor based Control System MEP 660 Ver 3.0 fitted on diesel Locomotives



Troubleshooting guide on WDP4 WDG4 Locomotives for Loco Pilots and maintenance staff


19. Handbook on Micro Controller based Governor fitted on Diesel Locomotives 2012 - 13 English
20. Pamphlet on Computer Controlled Brake System (CCB) 2012 - 13 Hindi


Checklist for Inspection of RCDs on Indian Railways

2011 - 12


22. Pamphlet on Micro processor based Control System fitted on Alko Loco English
23. Pamphlet on Micro controller based Governor fitted on Alco Loco English
24. Training Video film on Microprocessor based Control system MEP 660 Ver. 2 fitted on Alco Locomotives English      Hindi
25. Trouble shooting guide for loco pilots on Microprocessor MEP-660 (Ver-2.0) WDM3A & WDG3A Locomotives English      Hindi
26. Maintenance Manual for 1400 HP DEMUs 2009 - 10 English


Question Bank on Diesel Locomotives

2006 - 07


28. Introduction handbook on General Motor Diesel Locomotives 2005 - 06 English


Pamphlet on Safety fittings and safety items of Diesel Locomotives

English/ Hindi

30. Maintenance Handbook on Roller Bearing fitted on WDM2 Diesel Locomotive 2003 - 04 English      Hindi
Diesel Traction - Draft Publications for comments
31. Draft Maintenance Manual for Diesel Locomotives 2013 - 14 English (Draft)


 Wagon/ Frieght
S. N.  Name of Publication  Year Download Link *

  Pamphlet on Arrangement of springs in various Casnub   Trolleys fitted on Air Brake   Wagon

2015 - 16 English
2.   Pamphlet on Rake Testing procedure for Freight Stock English
3.   Revised Maintenance Manual for Wagons  English
4.  Guidelines for Standardisation of Infrastructural Facilities for Examination of BTPN wagons in ROH depots & Yards 2014 - 15 English


Guidelines for Maintenance of Stainless Steel wagons

2013 - 14



Handbook on Bearing Maintenance

2012 - 13


7. Handbook on Bogie Mounted Brake System for freight Stock English
8. Handbook on Air Brake System for Freight Stock 2011 - 12 English
9. Handbook on Stainless Steel welding English


Handbook on Train Parting of freight Stock


11 Pamphlet on Bogie mounted Brake system for Freight Stock English
12. Procedure for IOH of Broad gauge BVZI English


Guidelines and facilities required for fabrication maintenance of Stainless steel Wagons

2009 - 10



Pamphlet on Guard & Driver check for freight stock

2008 - 09


15. Question Bank on Freight Stock 2005 - 06 English
16. Pocket book on train parting of freight stock covering Do’s & Dont’s 2002 - 03 English     Hindi


  Pocket book on Air Brake System for Drivers and Guards on freight stock

2000 - 01


 Wagon/ Frieght - Draft Publications for comments

18.  Draft Maintenance Instructions for WD-66 BD-06 & other Draft gears fitted in Wagons 2017 - 18 English (Draft)
19.   Draft Report on standarization of facilities in Rake maintenance Depots of IR English (Draft)
20.   Draft Handbook on Load Sensing Device (LSD) & Automatic Brake Cylinder Pressure Monitoring Device (APM) 2014 - 15 English (Draft)
21.   Draft Revised IRCA Part III English (Draft)



S. N.  Name of Publication  Year Download Link *
1.   Pamphlet on Safety at Workplace in Workshops 2014 - 15 English
2.   Pamphlet on Long Haul Train Operation 2011 - 12 English


Report on Competency Based Training in Workshops

2003 - 04



  A Technical Guide on Derailments

1998 - 99




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