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 List of DRDE certified firms for supplying inoculam
Proforma for monthly Bio-Toilet performance of P-Trap
Proforma for monthly Bio-Toilet performance of S-Trap


1. Integrated Coach maintenance facilities required for washing line - General arrangement of washing pit

RDSO/ M-00006/ R2/ 1 of 2    RDSO/ M-00006/ R2/ 2 of 2

Comparison between drawings of Old Pit, Pit Line-2006 & Pit Line-2011    

  Publications (128)
S. N.  Name of Publication Download Link *
1.   DO’s and DON’Ts for Bio-Toilet Maintenance in Open Line English
2.   Essential information on Bio-Toilet system for travelling passengers English
3.   Handbook on Guidelines for corrosion repairs in ICF Coaches English
4.   Handbook on Maintenance Instructions for Ferrule Fittings English
5.   Pamphlet on WDP4D Hindi
6.   Revision in Pit Line Drawing with all weather covered shed English
7.   Training_Module_OBHS English
2017-18 (Draft Publications for comments)
8.   Draft checklists for Inspection of Coaching stock (ICF & DEMU) English (Draft)
9.   Draft Handbook on Integrated Rolling Stock Depot English (Draft)
10.   Draft Maintenance Instructions for WD-66 BD-06 & other Draft gears fitted in Wagons English (Draft)
11.   Draft Pamphlet on Maintenance & Spares required for Bio-Toilets in Coaching Depots and Workshops English (Draft)
12.   Draft Report on standarization of facilities in Rake maintenance Depots of IR English (Draft)
13.   Draft Training Module on LHB Coaches for JEs SSEs English (Draft)
1.   Compendium on instructions for 140TCrane Maintenance  English
2.   Handbook on Dual Cab (WDP4D) Locomotives (Medha make traction system) English
3.   Pamphlet on WDP4D (Dual Cab) Locomotive (Medha make Traction system) English
4.   Pocketbook on Troubleshooting of IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet system for Coaching depot staff English
5.   Video film on Engine starting and moving procedure of WDP4D Locomotive English
2016-17 (Draft Publications for comments)
6.   Draft Handbook on Air Brake System of LHB Coaches English (Draft)
7.   Draft Handbook on maintenence of Bogie Mounted Brake Cylinder (BMBC) in ICF/ RCF design coaching English (Draft)
8.   Draft handbook on maintenance of Emergency window for AC Coaches English (Draft)
9.   Draft Handbook on Pit Line Maintenance for AC LHB coaches English (Draft)
10.   Draft Report on Infrastructural Facilities for Maintenance of LHB coaches in Open line English (Draft)
11.   Draft Video film on Maintenance of Distributer Valve English (Draft)
1.   Compendium on IR-DRDO Bio-toilets for Indian Railways English
2.   Guidelines for POH of Bio-Toilet fitted coaches English
3.   Handbook on CCB-II of Diesel Locomotives English
4.   Handbook on Rescue and Relief operations by HRD/ Electrically operated equipment English
5.   Handbook on Restoration by 140 T BD Cranes English
6.   Handbook on Restoration by Hydraulic Re-railing equipment English
7.   Handbook on Standardization of Infrastructural Facilities for Maintenance of ART ARME 140T Crane English
8.   IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet - Short Films in Hindi for Passenger Awareness

44 Sec.      57 Sec.

72 Sec.      84 Sec.

2 Min.      5 Min.

9.   Maintenance and Operational manual for 140T Cranes, ARTs & ARMEs  English
10.   Pamphlet on Arrangement of springs in various Casnub Trolleys fitted on Air Brake   Wagon English
11.   Pamphlet on Bio-Toilet for maintenance in coaching depots English      Hindi
12.   Pamphlet on Rake Testing procedure for Freight Stock English
13.   Report on Guidelines for Annual Maintenance & Operation Contract  (AMOC) for  IR-DRDO Bio-Toilets English
14.   Report on Standardization of Brake Power Certificate for Coaching trains English/ Hindi
15.    Revised Maintenance Manual for Wagons  English
16.   Video film on TM cut in/ cut out Procedure for dual cab Loco (Medha make) Hindi
2015-16 (Draft Publications for comments)
17.   Draft Handbook on Procedure for Painting of ICF coaches English (Draft)
18.   Draft Handbook on Procedure for PU painting English (Draft)
19.   Draft Report on Infrastructural Facilities Required in Workshops for maintenance of LHB Coaches English (Draft)
1.   Correction Slips (1st to 10th) for maintenance manual  ICF BG Coaches English
2.  Guidelines for Standardisation of Infrastructural Facilities for Examination of BTPN wagons in ROH depots & Yards English
3.   Handbook on IR-DRDO BIO-TOILETS For Open Line Maintenance (Part of Compendium on IR-DRDO Bio-toilets for Indian Railways) English
4.   Handbook on Standardisation of Hand Tools for Coach Maintenance English
5.   IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet - 1 min. Passenger Announcement Hindi (mp3)
6.   IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet – 2 minutes Animation Film for Passenger Awareness Hindi
7.   IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet – A Short Animation Film Tamil      Malayalam
8.   Pamphlet on Air suspension system for FIAT bogie English
9.   Pamphlet on Instruction for Axle Mounted Brake Disc in LHB Coach (FTIL Type) English
10.   Pamphlet on Safety at Workplace in Workshops English
11.   Question Bank on Bio-Toilet System English
12.   Question Bank on HHP Locomotives (WDP4/ WDG4/ WDP4D) English
13.   Video Film on Critical Operations of WDP4D Loco Hindi
2014-15 (Draft Publications for comments)
14.   Draft Guidelines on Maintenance Facilities in Coaching Depots on IR English (Draft)
15.   Draft Handbook on Load Sensing Device (LSD) & Automatic Brake Cylinder Pressure      Monitoring Device (APM) English (Draft)
16.   Draft Maintenance Manual for Non AC LHB Coaches English (Draft)
17.   Draft Report on Pre-Fabricated Pitline without Catwalk English (Draft)
18.   Draft Revised IRCA Part III English (Draft)
19.   Draft Revised IRCA Part IV English (Draft)


Guidelines for Maintenance of Stainless Steel wagons


2. Handbook on Maintenance of Air Brake System in LHB Coaches (FTIL Type) English


Handbook on Microprocessor based control system (Ver-3.0) fitted on Disel Locomotives



4. Handbook on WDP4 WDG4 Locomotives for maintenance staff English


IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet – A Short Animation Film


6. Maintenance Manual for AC LHB Coaches English


Maintenance Manual for NDM5 ZDM5 NG Locomotive



Pamphlet on IR-DRDO Bio toilet System


9. Pamphlet on Pest and rodent control in main line coaches English


Pamphlet on Safety at work place in diesel sheds